By Charlie G ❘ 2008

This time I would like to clarify something I’ve been receiving comments about.

Attached is my answer to some of the people in this regard:
“I’m not telling anyone to follow me in what I am doing to cure my diabetes. I’m just looking for the best methodology to give my body what it needs to recover, and I’m publicizing it through this website. Whatever I do, I do it because I research a lot about this subject (from many points of view, including the allopathic) and have found reliable sources of information that make sense to me. But that does not mean that it makes sense to others. And if this website has an effect on other people, I hope it is the effect of being more critical about traditional medicine and investigating in all possible directions to find an alternative to the one offered by the mainstream health care system.

I hope that no one starts following the diet/therapies that I post here without previously researching and being convinced that it is the right course for him/her. And, of course, keeping strict control of sugar levels to test whether it works or not.”

I say this because I’m not a doctor (neither allopathic nor naturopathic) and I can’t tell people which diet they should be on, for the simple reason that each of us is different and what works for one does not work for another, and vice versa. I hope all of you are increasingly aware of your bodies and how they react to different foods/drugs/activities that you investigate (in books, online, interviewing experts, or anywhere else) which methodology, diet or therapy would be the best way to improve your health and even cure your diabetes, as appropriate.

For your own health!


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