By Charlie G ❘ 2010

It is November 14 again, known by many as World Diabetes Day. On this day, we try to join forces to inform the population about diabetes prevention and education.

On one hand, I feel strongly about prevention, that is, educating people (particularly at risk for diabetes, but also in general) and taking actions like those carried out today may help somehow.

On the other hand, what about the millions of people who already have diabetes? If you take a look at the statistics, it is entirely right to draw conclusions as: if medicine is supposed to advance (or so they say), then why are more people with diabetes? Perhaps medicine is moving in the wrong direction? Could it be that some companies/agencies are not interested in curing diabetes?
And why those studying and researching alternative treatments for diabetes that are getting positive results are not allowed more space and freedom?

Anyways, as you have seen in the title of this article, I only changed one word, one preposition, to the official name. But, wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate a day like this?: World Without Diabetes Day 2010.

This year I intend to try some treatments/foods that are supposed to greatly help to improve health by lowering the dose of insulin needed, helping my body to regenerate itself:
– PXP Forte
– Yacon
Cayenne (chili compressed-natural cayenne)
Alpiste (Canary grass or birdseed) (I hear some laughing because this superfood is known as parakeets food, but perhaps this seed grows in the wild with a label that says: “bird food”?. Perhaps we are deprived of one of the most powerful seeds on the planet just for that ridiculous assumption)

And what are you going to do this year to improve your diabetes or even eradicate it (remember, the reins of our lives are only in our hands)?


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