By Charlie G ❘ 2009

Hi, everyone. Due to other personal projects I have been neglecting this blog a little.
I will take today, World Health Day, to write a few lines.

Just today I read some news that comes in handy to reflect on the current status of the health care system.
The news can be summarized as follows:

“The costs of care for this disease (diabetes), should appropriate interventions not be established, could bankrupt the health system of the country in the next decade.”

The article refers to Mexico, but I think it is a situation that is affecting most countries and cities around the world, especially the “developed” world. It seems unbelievable, but the more money governments spend on treating some disease, the more cases of the disease (like diabetes) appear. According to the news I read, “In the last three years about 17 billion pesos have been invested in the construction and equipping of 800 medical units of different sizes.”

health systemThe relationship should be inverted, don’t you think? The more you spend on treating disease, the fewer cases of the disease. But not so.
In my humble opinion, the problem is that they are spending all that money just to “treat” diseases, not to prevent them or cure them. Treating a disease means that you develop a system to keep the disease at the same point, i.e. neither improving or worsening. And this is how the pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars, Euros or whatever currency you choose: by maintaining the disease.

Things would be different if the patients themselves were the people who decide where to spend public money (the money we are all paying).

But hey, they say there’s an ill wind that blows no good, so probably we “need” a total breakdown of the healthcare system in order to get a change in the way we treat our citizens’ illnesses.

I leave you with what UNICEF says about this topic:

“Health is a state of complete physical and mental well being. Health is not only absence of disease, but an appropriate balance between the physical, mental, cultural and social conditions of humans. This means that sometimes, good health is beyond what medicine can achieve. The World Health Day was created to raise awareness of health issues and generate action to encourage greater and better access to healthcare worldwide. ”


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