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World Diabetes Day 2012 logoToday, November 14, as many of you may know, the calendar marks the World Diabetes Day.
It is a day in which people and organizations try to raise awareness of the problem of diabetes and organize many activities around the world to prevent and control the disease through information, testing blood sugar to detect in time if you have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, fundrising marathons, etc.

Although all these activities are ok and have to be done, from my point of view, there is very little emphasis in curing diabetes. According to my perception (and other sources researching on funding to diabetes causes), 95% of the effort is spent on prevention and control, and almost nothing to try to eliminate the disease. I guess this big mismatch is because “modern” medicine considers diabetes an incurable disease.

What would happen if we would adjust that proportion to 50% in control and prevention and 50% in cure?  A definitive solution to diabetes (especially type 1 which is far more difficult to control) would be found much sooner and save many lives.

Several clinical projects are seeking a cure for diabetes and if they have not advanced further is due to lack of funds. For example, in New Zealand, a researcher and her lab have managed to stop the autoimmune attack in people with type 1 diabetes through a stem cell transplant taken from the patient’s own bone marrow. After 12 weeks, all patients were producing own insulin in greater quantities. According to the researcher, this method could lead to the cure of type 1 diabetes within one year, if they get the necessary funds.

In order to continue to do the necessary tests and move to the next phase of the research they need $800,000. Such an amount shouldn’t be so difficult to get. But as most of the effort is addressed to prevention and control, these amounts do not reach these advanced and successful projects (like the one on Dr. Faustman I talked about another day)

Big Blue TestThere are very attractive projects, like the current Big Blue Test organized by the Diabetes Hands Foundation, in which you can participate until November 14th. This project encourages people with diabetes to test their blood sugar, exercise for awhile, test the blood sugar again and share the result on For every test, people in need with diabetes will receive supplies to better control their diabetes.

The aim is to promote and become aware of how effective is exercise to lower our glucose and simultaneously help those with little or nothing to control their diabetes. They’ve got more than 13,000 tests and aim to reach 20,000 by the World Diabetes Day, which would generate $100,000 in donations.

I think projects like these, promoted on a large scale (where everyone with diabetes, their families and friends participate), can raise the funds required to carry out and finish those clinical trials that are already having success in their early stages of curing this disease. If we wait until some philanthropic millionaire offers all the money needed for research, we will have to wait a long long time (although it seems that some are willing to donate a lot of money for other causes, like Donald Trump, who recently offered $5 million to Barak Obama‘s preferred cause in exchange for disclosing private documents.) Imagine if all that money was given to laboratories in need of funds to complete their investigations to cure diseases!

I encourage everyone to participate in the Big Blue Test to realize how effective it is to exercise and to help others who are not as lucky as us at the same time.

Finally I propose a contest. I’d like to hear your ideas on how to raise the funds needed to finance clinical research aimed at curing diabetes.
You can write your ideas below in the comments section.

The person who proposes the best idea (that can be put into practice, reaching a lot of people and getting lots of funds) before 24.12.2012, will get the book “The 30 Day Diabetes Cure” for free, as a Christmas present from me. I’ll personally buy a copy of the ebook and send it to him/her.

Update: I just received an email from Jim Healthy, coauthor of the book mentioned above and he is willing to donate 20 copies of the ebook!!! This way, the first 19 ideas and the best one will get a copy of the book for free.

So, don’t be shy and comment your best ideas!


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2 Comments on World Diabetes Day 2012 + Gift

  1. Shanyn Baquera says:

    Thank you Charlie you are insightful and courages I look forward to hearing more.Your blog is just what I have been looking for.Have you looked at the work of Dr. Robert Young.He has been a great inspiration to me,and speaks to type 1 as well as 2. Keep it up!!

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Shanyn, thank you for your comment.
    Yes, I read Dr Young’s book as well. I enjoyed that he addresses type 1 diabetes as well, as almost everything seems to be addressed to type 2s.