Here we are again, November 14th, World Diabetes Day.
World Diabetes Day 2009Seems like yesterday when I wrote an article for this day last year. Another year has passed by and I don’t see any changes on the horizon for those who have diabetes. Instead of getting better every year, things are getting worse at times, with alarms of global epidemics of diabetes and obesity.

And I wonder, what is being done to improve the situation, not just “trying to control” it but to cure diabetes permanently? What is being done with the money devoted to research in this field?

With this background, I intend to write my “Letter to Santa Claus” on World Diabetes Day to ask for what I want. (After all, things shouldn’t be so difficult. Aren’t the government, ministries of health, health centers, doctors… supposed to work for us, for our well-being, for our health? Like a father does everything in his power for his son, so the son has all he needs to grow up healthy and happy.)

Well, if we put them in power, we should require them to do the things we need.

My personal letter, rather than asking for the obvious, that is, making all efforts to find a cure for diabetes, would focus more on asking for things like:

  • Why did they change from animal insulin to human insulin in most cases without asking permission, and even worse, without explaining the pros and cons of both? Human insulin (which almost everyone is using), for example, can produce significant hypoglycemia without clear symptoms of hypoglycemia, so it can be dangerous. Why don’t they tell us about that?
  • Why do we have to go every other week to the health center to get the items we need (needles, strips…)? We have lives to live and do not want to waste it on health centers.
  • Why don’t we have a choice about the type of therapy that we want in our own cases of diabetes? Furthermore, the only treatment that we are given by the public health system is one that doesn’t contribute a bit to the healing process; rather our condition worsens with the recommended diet. Did not we pay our taxes? Aren’t there any other options for successful treatments in the improvement and cure diabetes? Yes, there are, yet they are so expensive that only a few can benefit from them.
  • Why in health centers don’t our doctors give us information about foods and plants that help lower blood sugar levels naturally, and why, when they recommend something, is it always drugs?
  • Why aren’t they spending more money on stem cell research that has been so successful (patients after self transplantation of adult stem cells could be up 3 to 4 years without insulin)? Why does a transplant of this kind cost around $15,000, not being covered by insurance, but the public health system spends more than that in keeping us sick?
  • And something that I would ask to those who suffer from diabetes, how long will we let them do with us and our health as they like? When will we rise up together to demand what we deserve?

Anyways, I hope that prevention and education campaigns about diabetes that will start with the World Diabetes Day 2009 are successful in preventing more cases of diabetes.

Feel free to write in the comments section, how can we stop them playing with us and our health.

Update June 2011: my guess is that if more and more people follow the recommendations and easy steps from Dr. Ripich to cure diabetes in 30 days (especially diabetes type 2), many people could be really celebrating World Diabetes Day soon, from the “already cured” perspective.

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2 Comments on World Diabetes Day 2009 with letter to Santa Claus

  1. elizabeth brookman says:

    hi im a person who suffers from diabetes type 1 im only 11 and i did not no about wold diabetes day at all and i never new serten plants could do that to are blood thank you for writeing such a helpful thing. pleas get back to me i would love to here from you as i find it hard to keep up with my diabetes at most time thank you verry much agen for writeing this it relly spoke to me thank you xx

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I’m glad that you liked what I wrote. And I’m specially glad that someone so young is already seeking solutions to her problems, in this case, via internet.
    If you have any doubt about diabetes, just write back or post a comment like you just did.
    I have diabetes type 1 as well, since 1998, so I have some experience behind me.
    I encourage you to read more posts…