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Review of The Matrix Assessment Profile showing you how to finally address the root cause of your chronic symptoms from type 2 Diabetes, naturally

Whenever I find someone focusing on the root cause of a disease, I start to pay attention… and you should too!

In this article, I will take you through what The Matrix Assessment Profile is, and how it can help you finally put an end to your diabetes symptoms naturally.

Not long ago I attended a webinar that told me all about The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) treatment for diabetes. I got hooked up and stayed until the end of the webinar.

What I heard was very different to what we usually hear from doctors. The MAP is aiming at discovery of the root cause of your Type 2 Diabetes symptoms instead of just managing the symptoms of diabetes and its medications.

What is causing your diabetes?

According to Dr. D. your diabetes could be caused by a few factors that The MAP tests for such as improper digestion, improper elimination, inadequate hydration, poor energy production and nutrient deficiency.

All of these factors, however, are specific to each individual’s body and biological chemistry. The way The MAP addresses this is by taking samples of your urine and saliva. This program regongizes that my diabetes shouldn’t be treated the same way as your diabetes.

Personalized medicine is becoming the norm and people are learning not accept the “one-size-fits-all” approach. And in order to keep industry costs down, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and even your doctor is is trying to equalize us and treat all of us all with the same drugs, not paying attention to the individual causes of each patient and why they might be experiencing these chronic diabetes symptoms that just won’t go away.

What is The Matrix Assessment Profile?

The MAP is a home-based biological evaluation that pinpoints and isolates the root cause of your chronic, unresolved symptoms. It includes a roadmap to correct those imbalances and deficiencies through colorful charts and graphs that indicate where the symptoms are originating from.

Through samples of your urine and saliva, you’ll receive a complete evaluation of your current biological functions such as the digestion, elimination, energy production, free radicals and antioxidants, nutrient production and availability… In total, this program looks at over 18 major systems in your body contributing to the symptoms of diabetes.

The MAP uses on a proprietary technology originally developed by NASA bio-engineers who were trying to identify and eliminate low-grade symptoms of astronauts while in space. The highly-specialized ‘quantum fluid analyzer’ takes your samples of saliva and urine to predict blood findings (no needles or finger pricks). This allows The MAP to precisely pinpoint the primary imbalance causing your diabetes.

What The MAP reveals for people with diabetes

First of all I should say that this program is not just for diabetics. It works for many other symptoms and chronic illnesses such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • acid reflux
  • chronic pain
  • depression
  • weight control
  • inflammation
  • arthritis
  • irritable bowel

But since this blog is about diabetes and my readers are mostly people with diabetes, I’ll focus on that here. I also feel that it would be important to mention that while this evaluation is ment for Type 2 Diabetes sufferes, I, myself suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. But after 15 years with diabetes and having tried many different things to improve my health, the fact that this system looks at the root cause of symptoms convinced me to give it a try.

Here you have one of the many testimonials from people who experienced a dramatical improvement with their diabetes symptoms:


My experience with ordering The MAP

The Matrix Assessment Profile products

Products contained within The MAP

Once you order the kit you’ll receive a box in the mail with everything you need to get started including the return shipping label.
I live in Germany, as was pleasantly surprised to have received it just 3 days later!
I opened the box, inside was the kit with safe and easy-to-handle, biological sample containers, a confidential history form, detailed instructions on shipping the samples back to their lab, including safe, bio-hazard packaging. I was so excited, I filled out the small questionnaire and got my cups ready for the next morning.
Once I dropped my samples back to FedEx, my samples were received the very next day.
5 days later, I got an email from Optimal Wellness Labs, my results were ready!

A couple of days later I got another email from the lab saying that my test results have been processed and are available for you to view through a private, secure online portal. In the portal, I noticed two documents. One of the documents was The MAP Results which identifies the organs or body systems that are compromised in my case and the level of severity (visually with colorful graphs).

Furthermore, you get an in-depth explanation of where the imbalance exists in your biochemistry and what you can do to fix those symptoms.

In the second document, you are provided with concrete recommendations. The protocol is a total of 12 weeks and is divided in three phases: detox, recuperation and maintenance. Each phase has its own recommended products, related to your symptoms.

I was then able to easily and quickly schedule a confidential 1/2 hour phone consultation with Dr. DiCenso to discuss my MAP results or ask him all of my questions directly on a one-to-one call. I highly recommend this for those of you who decide to purchase the evaluation. He was down to earth and was able to explain complicated things shortly and in an easy way (as opposed to how doctors usually talk to us, with lots of jargon that no one understands). Boy, he’s like a walking medical encyclopedia!

Dr. D is also made available through Optimal Wellness Labs’s free weekly live “Ask Dr. D.” call where you can also ask questions about your results or your roadmap.

What’s very handy, especially for people living outside the US with several hours of time difference, is that they record the live call events and make it available every week to everyone who’s in The MAP process. Here is a link to sign up for the Ask Dr. D call for yourself.
I’ve listened a few of them and you can learn quite a bit about this process and how it works. You can also learn from the experiences of other people’s questions.

Listen to some of the call recordings here.

What you get

What is included in the price:

  • A kit with safe and easy-to-handle, biological sample containers, a confidential history form, detailed instructions on shipping the samples back to their lab, including safe, bio-hazard packaging
  • Lab analysis
  • Test results of the analysis on two documents with explanations and colorful graphics
  • Member profile page on a secure website to access your results, book one-on-one consultations, step-by-step, animated videos that guide you through the interpretation of  the MAP results, accessible anytime…
  • Weekly “Ask Dr. D.” live calls and their past recordings

If you want to see what the results graphs look like, I add my personal results (I know, that’s personal stuff, but I don’t mind sharing it with you here):

The MAP, Matrix Assessment Profile

My affected organs and systems
(click to enlarge)


The Map (Matrix Assessment Profile)

My most affected organs and systems
(click to enlarge)


Those graphics are provided along with a detailed explanation in text form.

Concerning the recommended products, they are all natural. No prescription or pharmaceutical chemicals. The company recommended that I order my supplements from Metagenics, one of the first companies in the industry that has achieved three independent certifications for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by world-leading arbiters and is approved by the FDA.

Normally, these are not available for consumers, but Dr. D has made a special arrangement for readers to be able to access these on your own without having to go to your practitioner first.

About Dr. DiCenso

Dr. DiCenso picture

Dr. DiCenso

Dr. Richard A. DiCenso is an author, international speaker and complementary care expert with over 30 years of experience in human biochemistry and orthomolecular nutrition. He has helped thousands of individuals around the world with undiagnosable symptoms to dramatically improve their health without drugs or surgery. With his extensive clinical experience he is a thought leader in the emerging field of “Whole Person Rehabilitation”.
He has given some keynote presentations on Government Organizations, like the United States Federal Government in Washington D.C., appeared on The Today Show and America Tonight and provided care for several celebrities.

Dr.D. is the author of the book Beyond Medicine and the website Matrix Transformation and the maker of The Matrix Assessment Profile.

My experience with The Matrix Assessment Profile

Overall, my experience was positive and insightful… and a little exciting.
The test was easy to order and easy to send back. My results were returned quickly and I was impressed overall with their attention to detail with the overall experience.

The results were are bit shocking, but something that I needed to see. For example it was a surprise for me to see that my pancreas is not one of the main organs affected in my body (which you would expect from a type 1 diabetic). What a relief that was to hear.

My consultation with Dr. D was amazing, I was impressed with his knowledge with those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. In my phone consultation with DrD, I discovered three important things:

  • That my pancreas is still functioning.
  • That I actually have more of an insulin resistance problem (which is a symptom more common in type 2 diabetes sufferers).
  • That I need to focus on recovering my normal digestive function where most of the problems come from.

All in all, my experience with The MAP so far has been very satisfying, both with the product and the service.

Who The MAP is NOT for:

– People not willing to be engaged during The MAP process.

– People not willing to communicate with the team or with Dr.D., telling what’s working and what is not working during the roadmap process.

– People not willing to take a very active and responsible role in their healing process.

– People who prefer the standard “official” way to treat diabetes, eventhough it doesn’t work.

The results

By now you are probably asking yourself what kind of improvement diabetics have experienced thanks to The MAP. I asked Dr. DiCenso in my consultation with him and he responded “90 percent of the people get 90 percent of the results in 90 days”.

If you have different symptoms that I have, you may want to watch this other Matrix Assessment Profile testimonial, who shares how he got his health back after doing some of the changes recommended:

The price

The Matrix Assessment Profile is available for:

  • two payments of $198.5, one when placing the order and the second one 30 days later
  • one payment of $397.

If you are not sure whether to try it or not, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If during the first 30 days after you’ve received your MAP, you decide that this is not for you, or that you’re not happy with any part of your experience with the company, they will refund the full cost of the MAP except the small shipping fee.

If you are frustrated by the dietary restrictions and other lifestyle changes that have become a regular part of your daily life, I’d invite you to watch the webinar presentation that I recently attended to find out the real reasons behind what’s going on with your health and how to finally get relief from these symptoms once and for all!
–> Here A Preview Of This Event <- –

Let me know if you test it and if it has improved any of your symptoms by commenting here below. This way we all learn from each other’s experiences.

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8 Comments on The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) Review

  1. BRIAN ARAUJO says:

    needs some help with my DIABETES PLEASE!

  2. Charlie G says:

    Hi Brian, do you know what type of diabetes do you have and are you following a professional’s recommendations?


  3. david says:

    Interesing. I would like to know what specific laboratory tests are employed in the Matrix Assessment Profile when analyzing urine and saliva?

    • Charlie says:

      Hi David,
      sorry for the delay. For what I know they test your pH, rH2 and r in your urine, saliva. But it’s possible that they check more things with that, I’m not sure.
      The test shows you your levels of hidration, detox, digestive oxidation, mitochondrial oxidation and organic buffers, among with a graphic of each level in each one of the organs or tissues in your body (see images above)


  4. Bobbie Rohn says:

    Thanks for all the information. However you are recommending MAP, but not letting us know how much it has helped you. Say, on a scale of 0-10, with 0=no help and 10=fantastic improvement, where are you???

    Have you been able to get off your meds, or at least reduce usage?

    I’m sure this is a very fair price, but it’s still a fair amount of money to put out there.

    Thanks, Bobbie

    • Charlie G says:

      Hi Bobbie, thanks for your comment.
      As I said in my post, at the time i got the MAP lab results I was seeing a naturopathic doctor, following his therapy. Since I don’t like to mix therapies because I wouldn’t know what was affecting my body if anything would change, I kept following my doctor’s advices because they had a positive impact in my body.
      That is, I still haven’t applied the recommendations from the MAP. But it was good to know where my imbalances really came from and I could show the results to my naturopathic doctor.
      I guess the therapy we decide to use it’s a choice everyone has to make according to his/her circumstances. If I hadn’t had that doctor close to my place back then I would have gone with the MAP recommendations.
      And I don’t rule out following the recommendations from Dr. D if I see my current therapy is not working anymore.


  5. Maggie says:

    I certainly do not mean to discount, disparage or downgrade anything you have said here. But every website I have found basically echoes your review and it begins to seem like all the reviews are written by cheerleaders for this MAP thing. I do appreciate that you have given a bit more information about what happens after the test results are in as that part is not discussed in the video/webinar. As the other comments have pointed out, I would like to know more concrete information about how successful the MAP program has been. At over $200 (to start) this is not an insignificant step to take. Thank you.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Maggie, thanks for your comments. Yes, that’s what happens when someone writes a long/honest review about something. Afterwards many copy the same into their own blogs and webs. I don’t know if they have even tested the product. I tested it and wrote everything that had to say about it.
      Concerning the results, I think you can listen to the weekly calls and you can hear people currently using the product what they say, the questions they ask Dr. D and his answers.

      I hope this helps.