By Charlie G ❘ 2007

This time I have a recommendation for everyone! I’m talking about the Raw For Life DVDs. If you have heard about the Raw For 30 Days film documentary that is comming up in Spring 2008, you probably know that these guys have just (in November) lounched a 2 DVD pack where they gather lots of information about the Raw Food.

I bought the DVDs from their website, I received it three days ago, and I watched them all in once one night. Wow, they have done a great job! In the DVDs they present the raw food diet as the healthiest of choices if you have consideration about your body and your health. Since I have been on a raw food diet for 5 months now, I can tell you that it has helped a lot reducing the amount of insulin needed due to my diabetes type I. As I already said on some other post, I have reduced about 75 % the insulin, and some other health issues I had have just disappeared.

Specially for people with diabetes, either diabetes type I or diabetes type II, they will find these DVDs a tremendous HOPE, since there is a whole chapter about Diabetes and how it can be reversed and healed. In fact, the guy presenting the DVDs had diabetes type I and he’s been now 1 and a half year insulin free thanks to this diet. Other special chapters talk about Weight reduction, Rejuvenation and Longevity, Optimal athletic performance, Health and wellness, Detox and cleansing, Nutrition, Spiritual aspects, recipies as well as how to start out on a raw food diet.

I find they present all this information very clear, understandable for everyone, but at the same time very professional, including interviews to 30 celebrities and worldwide experts on these topics.

Well, I didn’t want this post to be like and add, but I really liked the Raw For Life DVDs and I recommend them to everyone.

Update from May 2011: If you prefer not to go to the extrem of a totally raw food diet, I recommend you read “The 30 Day Diabetes Cure“.

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