Type 2 Diabetes

Here you will find all the articles on this website that specifically address the issue of type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Mercola, an American physician who I have been following for more than a year, has posted another entry on his website (the most visited website about natural health, with more than one million hits a month) on type 2 diabetes. Dr. Mercola is a licensed physician who realized how ineffective many conventional medical treatments to cure chronic diseases are. Now he practices his medicine in a more natural way, taking into consideration what helps and what harms the body. Anyway, here is the article: The Glaring Diabetes Error That Even Most Doctors Don’t Recognize The concept that is being overlooked by conventional medicine is that diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar. Yes, blood sugar becomes elevated in people with diabetes, but this is a symptom of the real problem, and it is an attempt by your body to keep things in balance. The real problem in diabetes […]

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