By Charlie G ❘ 2013

This is chapter 4 of my book “DIABETES. A world of possibilities”, which I’m publishing here for free. You can access all the chapters published until now here. In health, as in any other sphere of our lives, the first thing we must have clear is why we want to be healthy, or lose weight, or overcome a disease, because that motivation is what will give us the strength to continue forward every day, and is what we use in moments of weakness. Many productivity theories teach that, in order to reach something, we have to set goals and write them down on paper or a computer, read them each day, and stay focused on the achievement of those objectives. While I agree with these theories, I believe that having a clear goal does not help much without having clear reason why you want to get it. Maybe it has something […]

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By Charlie G ❘ 2008

Today I’ll touch on something that everyone knows should do, but few put into practice: exercise. In particular, this time I write for type 2 diabetics, who are increasingly suffering the consequences of this disease, knowing that the cure for diabetes is in their hands, or rather, in their mouths and their legs. Anyone who has doubts about the judgments of “incurable” and “life-long disease” offered by insensitive doctors when they tell us that we have diabetes, may have noticed that type 2 diabetes cure is possible. And the two pillars to sustain the cure naturally are starting a healthy diet (to cure the disease, instead of keeping it) and physical exercise / sport. It is crystal clear: allopathic doctors are telling us, natural therapists recommend it to us, and any blog or website related to diabetes also suggests it. For a diabetic, exercising or practicing sports should be as […]

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