By Charlie G ❘ 2011

After some years of research, trying and writing about all possible treatments to cure diabetes, I recently stumbled upon a magnific source of information for all of us, searching hopelessly for guidance and/or a therapy to heal our diabetes, be it type 1 or type 2. The book is called “The 30 Day Diabetes Cure” (The drug-free solution to America’s #1 health crisis), by Dr. Stefan Ripich, ND, CNP and Jim Healthy (America’s Health Coach) as co-author. In this post I’m going to review this book, explain what I like about it and what I don’t, and hope that this will help you decide whether you too want to give it a try or not. First of all, I don’t know about you, but I do care a lot about my health and the potential consequences of my diabetes. For many years (soon it will be 13 years since I […]

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By Charlie G ❘ 2007

After spending a few days in Germany seen the family of my wife, I came home and found in my inbox an e-mail with a very interesting interview with a Nobel prize for medicine on the pharmaceutical industry and its power to cure (or not cure). For those who thought or think I am making unfounded accusations in my blog on the pharmaceutical industry and politicians, this interview might open your eyes a little bit (I was the first surprised to read these words directly from a Nobel Prize for Medicine) Subject: “The drug that completely cures is not profitable” (Interview with the Nobel Prize for Medicine Richard J. Roberts). Lluís Amiguet – La Vanguardia. I’m 63 years old: the worst about getting older is that you consider many “truths” as holy: that’s when you need new questions. I was born in Derby, my mechanic father gave me a chemistry […]

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