In this section I gather the posts I’ve writen about the topic of attitude towards diabetes or any illness in general.

By Charlie G ❘ 2008

Today I’ll touch on something that everyone knows should do, but few put into practice: exercise. In particular, this time I write for type 2 diabetics, who are increasingly suffering the consequences of this disease, knowing that the cure for diabetes is in their hands, or rather, in their mouths and their legs. Anyone who has doubts about the judgments of “incurable” and “life-long disease” offered by insensitive doctors when they tell us that we have diabetes, may have noticed that type 2 diabetes cure is possible. And the two pillars to sustain the cure naturally are starting a healthy diet (to cure the disease, instead of keeping it) and physical exercise / sport. It is crystal clear: allopathic doctors are telling us, natural therapists recommend it to us, and any blog or website related to diabetes also suggests it. For a diabetic, exercising or practicing sports should be as […]

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Today I wanted to give a trick that helps to stay focused on the goals we have in mind. Every year we plan things and we set goals. At the beginning we are confident and very focused on what we want. But over the days, weeks or months, depending on the individual, the strength of the conviction we had at the beginning fades. Until one day we no longer remember what we wanted. Well, there are little tricks to avoid that. Since I can’t, nor want, miss my goal, the day I started with the diet that is helping me cure my diabetes, I wrote with my wife’s lipstick on the bathroom mirror: “I’ll achieve it!” To which my wife wrote below: “Yes!” I chose that place because it’s something I watch every morning when I wake up. So every day I see it and I remember what my main […]

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By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Diabetes, sport, food, insulin … Hmm, I know these concepts are closely linked in reference to diabetes and we shouldn’t think of one without considering the others. I mention this because it seems that for now I’ll have to manage my health without one of them to help cure my diabetes, at least partially. As I said on a past post, I suffered a muscle strain in the quadriceps (actually it was broken) playing soccer. After having visited 2 times a physiotherapist and having received intensive massages that helped a lot, I thought I thought I would be able to do sport again soon. Yesterday morning, giving baby food to my son, I ducked and my qudriceps stretched again hurting a lot. I noticed that it will be a while until I can play sports again (well, at least I can go for a walk) It seems to me that […]

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