By Charlie G ❘ 2008

It seems that finally we can buy and take stevia as it is: a natural sweetener with beneficial properties, not something labeled as a dietary supplement or an additive for the bath (which was required by producers or distributors of stevia so far, since authorities did not allow it to be sold as a sweetener).

I just read a story in an spanish online newspaper entitled “The ka’a he’ê is a drug that can fight diabetes and hypertension,” which in fact is an interview with medical researcher Dr. Luis A. Barriocanal Perasso.

stevia for diabetesTo date, stevia or ka’a he’ê (its original name) was only allowed for sale as a sweetener in a few countries, while in others like the U.S. and Europe could only be sold as a dietary supplement (many believe that this was due to multinational companies’ that produce artificial sweeteners, who feared for their business). Some institutions allowed using it in moderation because they were not sure of stevia’s long-term effects.

Now the JECFA (its acronym in English, the Joined Experts Committee on Food Additives) of the USFO and WHO (United States Food Organization and the World Health Organization, respectively), which are global entities that regulate substances to make sure they are safe for human consumption, have approved stevia for consumption in the world.

All is left is for the U.S. FDA and the European EFSA to comply with the administrative formalities required and remove those barriers that were raised against stevia. Understanding how these institutions work, I would not be surprised if some time still needs to go by to do the paperwork necessary for change.

I recommend reading the interview (that is, if you can read spanish), which talks about:

• Findings after the first global long-term study on stevia.
• Use of stevia to replace other oral hypoglycemic agents, i.e. other tablets to treat diabetes, but naturally.
• Pressures and conspiracy against stevia.
• Safety of this herb for human use.
• Benefits of stevia for your health: lowers blood sugar, and blood pressure when it is high.
• Future demand for stevia from food and beverage companies.
• Its use to prevent diabetes.
• Insufficient current production of stevia.

In short, we’re in luck, because this decision to declare stevia as totally safe for human consumption will benefit many people.

I’ve prepared a resource page where you can find where to buy stevia online and what to take into account when you buy it.

Have you already tried stevia?
What kind of stevia did you use (powder, liquid, leaves…)?
What effects have you experienced in your body using it?

Please, answer below.


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6 Comments on Stevia is accepted as a sweetener!

  1. Erin says:

    My latest experience was just the other day. I work for Wisdom Natural Brands, the makers of SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener and Wisdom of the Ancients Herbal Teas so I have some SweetLeaf stevia products, including stevia tea bags.

    The other day I was sick with food poisoning and finally decided to try my stevia herb tea since I know it is supposed to soothe my stomach. Well, I know it sounds weird, but as I took the first few sips, I could feel it going to certain areas of my body and I seemed to feel better right away. It was a nice sensation and truly soothing! After drinking it I went to bed, and when I woke up I was all better and actually had an appetite. I didn’t take any drugs or antibiotics, just my stevia herbal tea and good old fashioned rest!

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Erin, thank you for sharing such a positive experiencie with stevia with us. We can all learn from each other to live better and with less drugs. but only, if we share our knowledge.

  3. janny says:

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  4. mark carrillo says:

    Are these products in existence? If so how long have they’ve been in existence? Do they cure diabetes type II? Are they available in the U.S. or can you ship to the U.S.? Is this a treatment and how long is the treatment? Please send all information you can to my email address.
    Thank You Very Much,

  5. Charlie says:

    Hi Mark, are you refering to Stevia? Stevia has been used as medical herbs by people in central and south America for centuries. Yes, you can buy it in U.S. as well (if you don’t find a store to buy it let me know and I can tell you some online shops where to buy it safely and be sent to your house.

    I wouldn’t assure that stevia cures type 2 diabetes, but many studies point to many beneficial effects from stevia, one of them, that drops the blood sugar levels in the body.

    This is not a treatment. You can eat the leaves of stevia, drink tee or use it as sweetener (without calories or chemicals)

    I hope this helped.


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