By Charlie G ❘ 2007

As promised, here you have the latest statistics with the evolution of my blood sugar as well as injected insulin during the last month of diet to cure my diabetes type I.

The amounts of insulin are shown per day, that is, that the day indicating 3 units of insulin, that is the sum of all the day (three meals). You notice that I’m particularly proud of this day, don’t you? 😉

Statistics of my diabetes

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning too, that the last two weeks I wasn’t able to do sport, due to a muscle contracture in the leg happened playing soccer. When I can start exercising again, I’m sure it will improve my health even more, lowering sugar levels and insulin needs even further.

By the way, the graphs in this post are taken from, a software service that provides online diabetes management, community support and collaborative sharing to motivate and improve health. It offers a free version and a premium version.

I’ll keep you informed.