By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Four months have passed since I started the treatment that is helping me cure my diabetes and the results are quite positive.

The insulin that I inject has stabilized at 2 units of rapid-acting insulin per meal and lately I’ve gotten off one unit of long-acting insulin at night, injecting now just 11 units. That is, during the day the need for insulin has decreased by 75%. The blood sugar has stabilized (no strong peaks or downs), except in periods when I have a cold, allergies or a stomach ache that raises blood sugar and insulin requirements as well. It’s interesting to see how the body responds when we are sick. But those of you having had diabetes for many years already know that.

I’m proud to have remained faithful to this diet for four months, since it is a quite radical change to what we’re used to concerning eating. Especially it’s difficult to live in a society where everybody eats differently as what yo do, so going out to restaurants with friends must be sacrificed (unless you don’t care and take your tupper-ware with your raw food while you watch your friends eat things so attractive to the eye and the nose) But it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to do, and I do so four months. Because when I’m cured, the diet will expand and will be no longer so strict.

And if my body works correctly again, I will occasionally make an exception. Although I am convinced that eating well is best to cure and prevent disease, I’m realizing that it is also important to occasionally enjoy some extra and tasty food (though not so low quality and harmful.) If not, we risk to live a life of imbalance between desires and beliefs, making the meal a dogma or fanaticism.

But as I said, I think to cure diseases such as diabetes this diet is very appropriate and I’ll stick with it, because I already have almost half the time that the doctor who developed this diet considered as necessary for healing (between 9 and 12 months).

I can’t wait to see the progress of the next four months. Of course, I’ll keep you informed.