Are you new to this blog? If so, you’ll probably won’t know where to start reading or where to find the posts that interest you the most, or which ones are the most popular.

I read that it is a good idea to have a resources page on blogs because you can give a guidance to your visitors and help them get what they want in less time. So, here I am, preparing this page for you.

First of all, if you are new to diabetes or you don’t know what many of the most common terms regarding this disease mean, you can start reading my “Diabetes FAQ” page here, learn what the diabetes jargon mean, know more about the different symptoms or read the post about the 22 possible causes of diabetes here.

Or maybe you have had diabetes for a long time and are looking for ways to control it better or even reverse it. In that case, you can first get motivated reading and watching the videos in the testimonials section or getting to know which is the best exercise for diabetes here.

Then you will probably want to know about the different natural treatments available to control diabetes or reverse it, depending on the case. For that, I wrote posts on:

– The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) by Dr. DiCenso to get to know the root cause of your diabetes and ways to reverse it:

– “The 30 Day Diabetes Cure” by Dr. Ripich and Jim Healthy:

– “The 30 Day Diabetes Miracle” by Franklin House, M.D., Stuart A. Seale, M.D. and Ian Blake Newman:

– Film “Simply Raw. Healing diabetes in 30 days” about raw food to treat diabetes:


As you can see, there seems to be something special with the number thirty, since many experts are using that treatment length as first goal. Achievable? Probably not easily for everybody, but the results speak for themselves.

Right now I’m reading Dr. Richard Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution book and another one on paleo diet by Robb Wolf, which seem to be more appropiate for people with type 1 diabetes, like myself. The other three mentioned above are more focused on type 2 diabetes, I would say.

When I finish them I will write a review and add it to this resources page, in order to have it all handy.

If you think this page might be helpful to someone you know with diabetes, please send it to him/her or share it through the social media options available on this page so that he/she get this page.

Well, I think there’s enough information to start with, don’t you think? Take a cup of coffee or tea, relax and enjoy your reading!

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