Perhaps some of you are familiar with the name Denise Faustman. For those of you who have no idea who she is, Dr. Denise Faustman is director of the Immunobiology Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2001 her exciting research in BCG therapy in mice resulted in the first totally natural cure of type 1 diabetes, without needing anti-rejection drugs.

This healing therapy has been successfully replicated in 7 other laboratories in other parts of the globe, reaching the same results.

Seven years later, they started to move on to clinical trial in humans. You can’t imagine the amount of money needed to carry out such research. As this potential cure uses medicines already approved and patent-free, pharmaceutical companies do not fund this project.

Although the first phase of the project was fully funded, Dr. Faustman needs 25 million dollars to complete Phase 2.
Therefore, we are talking about scientific research to cure diabetes that needs to be totally self-funded, or rather, funded with donations from ordinary people interested in keeping projects like this going (which doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me, because this way the pharmaceutical companies do not get in the way by trying to make a business out of it).

Luckily there are creative people such as Bernard Farrell, a diabetic engineer who in 2007 created the Diabetes Web Search, a Web browser that helps you to find the best answers to any questions or concern related to diabetes. is the result of a partnership between Bernard Farrell, and

The goal is that each time someone clicks on one of the sponsored ads displayed to the right of any search results on, a monetary contribution will be made to the research of Dr. Faustman. As explained by David Edelman, founder of, “we have entered an era of activism where patients can directly fund research to improve their own lives.”

Since I think it is a good idea, I put a search button in my blog (top right, indicating Diabetes Web – Search) where you can search for anything related to diabetes. Pressing “Search” will take you directly to the search results page of, where you can contribute to this research through the ads that appear there. On top of that you can search both in English and Spanish.

Pass the word so that many people use this service and we can help to fund this project and…
…who knows, maybe in 2 or 3 years we will have a cure for type 1 diabetes available.

For those of you who want to make a donation directly to the laboratory of Dr. Faustman, you can do it here:

Here is the video of the interview with Dr. Faustman, explaining her project and how diabetes can be cured.

PS: Can you think of other ways to raise funds and get donations for this project? Is there anything that you could not find on Do you like this service?
I wait for your comments and active participation about this service.


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