By Charlie G ❘ 2007

It’s clear that the only ones who really care about our health, are ourselves (well, and family & friends). That’s why it’s up to us to enjoy good health or not. We can not leave it to others, at least not completely.

Junk foodThat’s the conclusion I came up with today when I saw (consciously) the food and drink vending machine at my work. There’s not even one thing that is not harmful to the body in one way or another! Do companies not care about the health of their employees? They should, since every time one employee is ill and doesn’t go to work, it costs money to them (that’s if they just look for the profits and don’t care about their people)

From beverages with lots of calories to “light” drinks sweetened with aspartame (I explained the dangers of aspartame in this previous article), from all kinds of chocolate to crisps, also known as “Chips”, considered by physicians as one of the worst currently available foods we can eat. In short, the choice is very difficult if not impossible, if you want to keep your body healthy.

And now U.S. schools want to incorporate into these machines a system that identifies whether the child is obese, in order to deny him/her the junk food s/he is trying to buy. And what about those who are not obese, but eventually and if they continue eating that? Wouldn’t it be better to stop offering children that junk food? Doctors and nutritionists now advise against exposing children and adolescents that kind of food. So, why aren’t schools changing!

It may have to come from us, the ones concerned about our health, to suggest to the managers of businesses, schools and colleges to incorporate healthier foods in the machines available to us or in some other way.

By the way, in this book you’ll find a step by step process to eliminate junk food of your life plus many other infos and tips to reverse your diabetes.


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