By Charlie G ❘ 2008

Hello again.
Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may wonder where I’ve been over the past months, since I haven’t written again about how the healing of my type 1 diabetes is going.

The truth is that it’s been a few tough weeks, because I had to make a very hard decision. But as they say, better to make a decision (even a wrong one) than no decision at all.

After a week drinking only vegetable juice, one day came when I could no longer even stand the smell of juice. My body reacted negatively to just the idea of drinking another glass of juice. I decided to listen to my body and went back to eating salads. Only this time nothing but salads. Another week went by and I was feeling increasingly weak, so it was time to make the tough decision.

I could go on, and maybe heal, but I didn’t know how long it would take. In addition, once healed I would have to eat like this for many years (if not forever) and the truth is that you no longer have a social life, is very hard to go on a trip, and my wife and son were also paying the consequences.

So, I decided not to keep such a strict diet and gradually returned to eating a little bit of everything. I keep having the same things for breakfast (freshly ground oat muesli with some fruit and nuts) and a 50% raw lunch and dinner in the form of salads. The rest is cooked.

In no time I got my strength back as well as the weight I lost, I enjoy food and social life again.

Does this mean that I gave up trying to cure diabetes? Absolutely not! I still believe that diabetes can be cured and that I will heal; only at this point I still don’t know how. I will keep my mind open and will continue my research to find the best way to heal. Also, I proved to myself, after 8 months eating raw-vegan that I have the willpower to reach any goal I set.

It doesn’t mean either that Dr. Schnitzer’s diet doesn’t work. It’s just that perhaps not for me, or that it may take too long to work. Surely it would help someone else to cure his/her type 1 or type 2 diabetes, especially if they haven’t been injecting insulin for too long. It’s something I would recommend to anyone who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes or has been on insulin only for a few weeks/months.

My philosophy is that not everything is for EVERYONE. That is, a diet or therapy can work for some people, but make others worse.

So from now on, instead of writing about my healing therapy in a diary-like style, I’ll be writing in my blog any news that may bring us hope of a cure for diabetes, experiences, thoughts …


2 Comments on New phase in “Healing Diabetes”

  1. Cheddar says:

    Hi Charlie, first of all i would like to congratulate you because among all the websites i visited about diabetes, yours is the only one oftenly uptaded.
    In fact, my brother who is 17 years old has been diaognised with a type 1 Diabetes 2 weeks ago. I noticed you said in your article that you advise starting dr Schnitzer’s diet for new diagnosed diabetics. So i just wanted to know basically what is the content and what makes you think this way.

    Thank you again for your work and sorry for my english, i’m from france

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Cheddar, thanks for the compliments, but I wish I had more time to update this blog more regularly.
    I’m sorry to hear that about your brother. That’s a very difficult age, and now with diabetes, must be hard for him, and the family.
    Concerning my advice in reference to Dr. Schnitzer’s diet to cure diabetes, you should take into consideration, that this blog, as any other blog, develops over time.
    When I was following that diet I considered very logic (the theory behind the diet) and I followed almost to the letter (except for the autohemotherapy that I didn’t do)

    After 8 months, unfortunately I had to stop following the diet because I had lost weigth (and I was already thin before) and I had no energy to play with my 1-year-old son)

    Although I managed to drop insulin doses substantially, I also felt that such a restrictiv diet was damaging my social life, because I could not/didn’t want to go out to dinner.

    But that’s just my case, and maybe if I had done the autohemotherapy it would have help much more.

    I am sure it can work very well, for instance with type 2 diabetes and/or obese people.

    But what I do still believe, is that the sooner you begin to do something to help your pancreas keep working at least a bit, the better possibilities to improve your overall health, and even decrease/eliminate the insulin doses you required.

    but you have to find out what works for you (some people have cured their diabetes with some treatment and others with a different treatment. Not everything works the same for everybody)
    In this blog I tried to mention and explain the different treatments I’ve read about or experienced myself.

    So, here you have several treatments that you could inform yourself further about: MF3, autohemotherapy, stem cell therapy (specially at the beginning of the diabetes), the 5 biological laws of nature…

    Good luck