By Charlie G ❘ 2011

Recently I read a news that I thought had to share with you all, especially the ones with diabetes type 1.

Scientists in Israel are testing a new drug that can avoid the need for insulin injections.
“It has been developed to block the process which causes the body’s immune system to attack the pancreas.”

Since it stops the attacks to the pancreas, if your pancreas is still producing its own insulin, you could have a good chance to live without insulin shots. Therefore, this drugs seems to be aimed to newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics who still produce insulin.

Trials are taking place at centres in Europe, North America, South Africa and Israel and they expect it to be available in 3 years.

Let’s see if this is not another treatment to give us hope but is never available to the public. And if it doesn’t have side effects.

If you want to read the full news, click here.


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