By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Some of you may be wondering: if this blog is a journal about this guy’s diabetes cure, why isn’t he speaking more about it? And you are right. You have every reason in the world to question it.

As you probably know, diabetes comes slowly and is also supposed to go away and heal slowly. In my case, I don’t see drastic changes every day or every week, but a gradual and continuous improvement.

Funny, how one becomes conscious of his body when he cares and gives him what he needs. Now I notice the effects of each small change. For example, a stomachache or a herpes affect directly sugar levels in my body, rising them up a little (but since I started this diabetes diet / treatment my sugar has not passed 160!)
Also, this time the lip herpes only lasted a week and has been very small. Another sign of improvement in my body.