By Charlie G ❘ 2008

Beating type 1 diabetes is a tough thing (specially after almost 10 years taking shots of insulin), but not impossible. As I already said in different points of this blog, I am healing diabetes myself through natural means, specially foods. After 7 months eating a 100% vegan raw food diet I’ve been able to reduce the insulin intake 60-70%. These last months my blood sugar has stabilized with 2 or 3 units of insulin per meal and 11 units at night.

Not happy enough with that, since my goal is to be healed before June 20th 2008, yesterday I began a Juice Feasting period. That means that all that I take during the day are about 4 litres of vegetable juices. The difference between Juice Fasting and Juice Feasting is that with the second one, the body still gets the calories and nutrients needed to keep a normal energy level, so that you don’t feel weaker and weaker. Since this way the body doesn’t need so much work to digest the food, it can use almost all its energy to cleanse and heal itself.

Before getting started I spent some time getting information about how to do it. The main source I used is the Juice Feasting website, where you can find lots of information about it and other resources. The guys running this site are Katrina & David Rainoshek. David, together with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, has recently published a book called “There is a cure for diabetes” and has been coaching people at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center on juice feasting and how to heal diseases, even diabetes through it. You can get the book clicking on the image below.

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My first day with juices has been great! Well, it is kind of difficult for me to get used to it but seeing the results helps a lot to keep doing it. My blood sugar is dropping and dropping and therefore I am reducing even more the amount of insulin that I still take. Now I am just injecting 1 unit of fast acting insulin per meal and 10 units of slow acting insulin at bedtime (that means, I dropped 1 or 2 units of the fast insulin and 1 of the slow insulin).

Now I just need to find the way of preparing good tasting juices, je je. With more experience and patience I am sure I will make it.

I will keep you informed about my development.


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4 Comments on Juice Feasting for a diabetes cure

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  2. Anonymous says:

    very interesting journal. Congratulations on your willpower, determination and what you have already accomplished.

    To realize your goal of being healed you might consider consulting Dr. Schnitzer, whom you have mentioned. He has a website with a forum. Contacting him directly for some advice will probably be beneficial. Can’t say for sure, but he has written about type 1 cases that initially resist healing, so he is familiar with that and maybe knows what can be done.

    A friend of mine tries to cure his type 2 with Dr. Schnitzer’s nutrition and is happy with it. I am currently reading myself into this whole matter. 29 years with type 1.

    All the best.

  3. Ruth Howard says:

    Hi, its a remarkable journey no doubt! Im interested in how you go. My only immediate response to the above is take it gradually! You seem eager for a deadline and all progress so far is really truly remarkable. Go gently!!!
    Take care, Ruth

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