By Charlie G ❘ 2008

Here I am again after one more day drinking just vegetable juices in order to cure my diabetes. First of all, thanks a lot for the comments I am receiving supporting or encouraging my will to get rid of the diabetes. I am learning from those comments as well and trying to “take it easy“. This third day was one of those where I had to apply that suggestion.

Since the day before I had my blood sugar levels quite low (specially when I woke up), with no fast-acting insulin during the day, I decided to put 4 units less of slow-acting insulin for the night (that is, instead of 8 units, 4 units). Although when I woke up the glucose level was ok, afterwards it kept increasing until dinner time (150), having put 2 units of fast-acting insulin for lunch and 1 for dinner again.

I don’t complain about that 150. I think is great for a diabetic with such a low insulin intake, but I recognize that having to inject insulin again for the meals didn’t feel so good. As I said before, I’m trying to learn and be more patient with my body. Therefore I increased again the slow-acting insulin for the night up to 7 units (since that seems to be the determining factor for the glucose levels to increase).

Today, Day 4, my glucose levels were fine, even low. Since the last two juices were difficult for me to drink (maybe my body needed a rest), today I haven’t had anything else since the breakfast juice. Only water and tee. I am trying to listen more to my body and take care of its needs, which is hard for me since eating was my passion and had lost connection with my body, not recognizing its needs. My problem is that I should not lose more weight!


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8 Comments on Juice feasting days 3 and 4

  1. LOLLY says:

    Tell me for real, does it really work?????????????

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Lolly, do you mean the juice feasting?

  3. randy says:

    your books are a little expensive have a used set

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Randy, those are not “my” books. I just reviewed them and talk about them from my point of view and/or experience with them.

      Sorry, but I don’t have a used set. I just have my own copy.


  4. Janice Taylor says:

    I was ordering my book tonight 4/3/12 and they stated I missed a # I think it was the # on back of credit card When trying to put it on other page I lost the whole thing I am not sure what to do next? Hope my information is safe and I do want the books HELP jan

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Janice, I’m not really sure what kind of an error that is, but if I were you I will call them to the customer service phone and ask what happened and how can you get the book/place the order correctly.


  5. Ann says:

    Did anyone create a meal plan or can one be found. I just purchased the book and is getting ready to start this program. Please respond someone

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Ann, which book are you talking about? Since I talk about several books in this website, it would be good to know which one are you talking about.

      But, in my case, I don’t have an specific meal plan. I just eat the recommended foods in different forms and on different days. No fixed plan.