I have already written about the Roman’s family here before. Since I found the case of their two sons with type 1 diabetes and how they have approached it very interesting, I interviewed them. You can read the answers here below…I hope you can get inspired or learn something that you can apply to yourself or your children if they have diabetes.

Please, share briefly with us who you are and why are you involved in the diabetes world. What type of diabetes do your children have/had and when were they diagnosed?

Roman Boys type 1 diabetesWe are Dan and Sally Roman, the parents of two type 1 diabetic children. Dan was the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a specialty pharmacy and disposable medical supply company, and Sally was a Registered Nurse before becoming a full time mother to 6 children. Together, we are co-founders of Health-e-Solutions.

After quickly experiencing the limits of standard medical practice in natural diabetes management for our two boys diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2008, we researched, uncovered and put together the elements that comprise the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle. The results surpassed even our expectations, with both boys stable and complication-free since 2008 without exogenous insulin or other medications.

Through an ongoing process of diligent investigation, combining allopathic and alternative measures, and experiencing the cause and effect of individual foods, we created and fine-tuned the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle for greater success and easier, more practical application in a busy world.

We began getting many calls from people asking how we achieved the success we have enjoyed with our two boys. It got to the point that we could not continue to take calls without a change. So Dan resigned from his previous job so that together we could help others learn the practical application of the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle. We also support healthcare professionals who believe nutrition, exercise and attitude are critical pieces to diabetes care by providing additional resources to improve patient knowledge and compliance. We offer workshops, consultations, recipe e-books, and a home-study course, along with free newsletters, extended support and numerous free articles, recipes, and other resources.

What do you think caused their diabetes? Some fact, idea or intuition that leads you to thinking that way?

We believe there are many factors that can be involved in the development of type 1 diabetes. A genetic predisposition is one factor, but it is not considered to be enough to precipitate disease development on its own. Environmental factors must also play a role, and this is the part we think we can do a lot to minimize by putting the body in a position of strength through healthy diet and lifestyle transformation.

For our two boys, we think a virus over the Christmas holiday was the factor that pushed our boys over the tipping point to reach the early stages of type 1 diabetes. We know that particular viruses are associated with the development of type 1 diabetes, so it is certainly plausible that this was at least one of the causative factors involved in their disease development.

Gabriel, who was diagnosed in January of 2008, expressed some of the typical symptoms of type 1 diabetes: frequent urination, extreme tiredness and hunger, and, as we learned from our doctor, high blood glucose. He also had never fully recovered from the virus over the holidays, which was uncharacteristic of him.

Nathan we discovered 4 months later. We learned that our other children were at greater risk of developing type 1 diabetes, so we had them screened. Nathan was positive for insulin antibodies and had elevated blood sugars. His mood and attitude were very challenging over those previous 5 months, and his cognitive abilities in school were declining. As soon as we got him on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, these symptoms went away, to the point that friends and family would comment that the old, happy Nathan was back. His school work also returned to normal.

Have they taken meds? ¿Which ones? ¿How long and in case they stopped taking them, why did they drop them?

Both of our boys were caught early in their disease progression, before either had to be hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis, and before they had to be put on insulin. We immediately began changing their diet and lifestyle to better align with ideal management of blood sugars and better health. They both responded with stabilized blood sugars and over time – about 2 years – actually began improving in markers such as C-peptide, HbA1c and other lab values.

Which treatment/health habits are they following right now?

They follow the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle – that’s it. They are on no medications or insulin.

The Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is built around what we call the framework of HOPE. HOPE is an acronym, which stands for Health, Outlook, Planning and Evaluation. All four of these framework elements are truly vital to achieving the success we have experienced, and this is what we teach other to shorten their learning curve and spare them all the mistakes we made along the way. It really can give people hope of improving health and blood sugar control where they may not have had much before. We know it gave us tremendous hope for a bright, long healthy future for our two boys.

The Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is much about getting the food right, but we consider nutrition only one of 5 pillars supporting thriving health. The others, also very important to a healthy lifestyle for better blood sugar control are, eliminating or reducing environmental factors, getting ample amounts of exercise, improving both the quality and quantity of sleep, and managing stress.

We filter all food choices through what we consider our primary food filters, some of which are the glycemic index, the glycemic load, the inflammation factor, alkalinity, farming and manufacturing practices, and more. By looking at all these factors, we have been able to create a healthier means by which our boys (really our whole family) can manage their health and blood sugars naturally.

This is not the same as following a low-carb diet. Instead, we follow what we call a “right carb” diet that meets all of our food filter criteria.

How do their blood glucose levels (and other important metrics) look like now with this treatment/health habits?

Both of our boys usually maintain HbA1cs between 4.6 and 5.3. We have cut way back on the frequency of daily blood sugar testing, except for when there is sickness, stress, or when we introduce a new food.

Gabriel’s fasting insulin declined below the measurable limit of the test in May of 2008, but slowly improved to stabilize at about half the reference range. Our doctors believe that the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle requires so much less insulin that half the normal range is really excellent!

Gabriel’s C-peptide declined to a low of 0.17 (reference range: .8 – 3.1) in May of 2008. However, over the rest of the year he climbed slowly back to about 0.45, where he has remained ever since. When we perform both a fasting and a post-prandial C-peptide, he has a great response to the modest 15 gram carbohydrate load.

We did not have Gabriel tested for antibodies at time of diagnosis, because our doctor explained that it would not make any difference. We followed his advice, but in May of the following year – 17 months after diagnosis he tested negative for all antibodies tested. So we don’t know if he had antibodies at time of diagnosis, like we do with Nathan.

Nathan’s C-peptide when diagnosed in May of 2008 was 0.32. However, over the next year he slowly climbed back to around. 0.79, just below the bottom of the reference range for C-peptide. He has stayed there ever since, and so has his fasting insulin. When we perform both a fasting and a post-prandial C-peptide with Nathan, he actually has too great a response to the modest 15 gram carbohydrate load. This would imply he may have some insulin resistance. However, it is to be expected since he is going through puberty, growing and developing muscle. The hormones involved can create insulin resistance in teenagers. By May of 2009, Nathan’s insulin antibodies tested negative!

We do not subject our boys to the high glucose load in a typical Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. Our goal is to keep the stress off the pancreas by keeping the glycemic load small at all times. We want to rest the pancreas as much as possible, keeping it acquiescent at all times.

Initially, we also did other tests to rule out other conditions commonly associated with type 1 diabetes. All of those were fine. We continue to do scheduled blood and metabolic panels with the boys each year to make sure they are normal.

How was your experience with Dr. Robert O. Young and to what extend did that influence your current health habits?

We visited Dr. Robert O. Young’s ranch in California 3 times in the beginning to learn what he does. We are very thankful for all he taught us. It was from him that we learned how important electrolyte balance is and how the alkalizing effect of foods can be a useful tool with which to evaluate foods for blood sugar control.

We learned, however, that alkalinity was only one element necessary for better blood sugar management, supporting thriving health and long term sustainability of lifestyle transformation. We found that to achieve all that we hoped to achieve, we needed to find the best elements of many programs and combine them and customize them to fit our goals of mastering type 1 diabetes in the healthiest way possible. Nearly all of the diabetes programs we researched were designed for type 2 diabetes first, and type 1 was more of an add-on. We saw a great need for a program focused on natural management of type 1 diabetes.

Would you as parent change something from your past as a family knowing what you know now about health and diabetes?

Absolutely! If we knew what the typical western lifestyle was doing to our health, how it was causing our gene expression to change toward disease instead of health, we would never have followed the fast food, processed food, genetically modified food, pesticide and hormone-laden food culture that has permeated much of the developed world. It is – in our opinion – responsible for the near epidemic increases in chronic and autoimmune diseases we are witnessing today.

Even 30 years ago, it would have been rare to know somebody with an autoimmune disease. In a single generation, that has all changed. The typical western lifestyle is simply not sustainable. We would have changed course back then if we had known. But we hope to teach other how to change course now, not only for themselves, but for their future generations as well!

What would you say to someone who was just diagnosed with the same type of diabetes?

There is more hope that you may have been led to believe. There is hope of mastering this disease through lifestyle transformation. We have helped many people and families experience a level of control and stabilization they never thought possible – usually with reduced insulin requirements, and for some no insulin at all. While the closer to the time of diagnosis that you begin the better the chances for the most dramatic results, we have also been able to help people who have lived many years with type 1 diabetes gain a level of control they never had before or thought possible.

While it is hard work to change your lifestyle, it is worth every effort. We do not regret it at all. It has made such a difference in the lives of our two boys with type 1 diabetes, and in the lives of our entire family. As time has passed, we have seen it ripple out to our friends and their families.

Is there anything to bear in mind if someone tries to follow your steps to treat diabetes your way?

I think the most pertinent thing to bear in mind is that we are just talking about healthy food and healthy living. How much more safe can you get? I would encourage people to ask themselves, “What do I have to lose if it is just healthy food and living?” Of course the answer is absolutely nothing, but you might find that you have a lot to gain! This is what we kept reminding ourselves in the beginning. Now it is just our natural way of living and eating.

I think it is important for all of us to let it sink in that the most unsustainable lifestyle is the typical western lifestyle to which most people want to maintain. From a health perspective, it is simply unsustainable. It is killing us, with more and more people reaping the consequences of poor health, autoimmune diseases, and more with each successive generation. The time is now to reverse this trend. It is not too late. People and families are beginning to awaken to this understanding.

Where can people find you to know more about you and what you do to help people with diabetes?

Our web site is http://HealtheSolutions.com. We urge you to read the free articles and other free information on our web site at healthesolutions.com. There are literally hundreds of articles that give you research support and may help you make lifestyle changes to better manage diabetes for optimal long term health.

We have several recipe e-books and a home study course available for immediate purchase and download, all of which teach you the innovative Health-e-Solutions lifestyle and equip you to achieve more stable blood sugars and better living. It has made a tremendous difference in our boys’ health. They have been very stable on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

While our initial program was geared toward people with type 1 diabetes, we believe those with type 2 diabetes would benefit greatly from the Health-e-Solution lifestyle. Indeed, we have seen type 2 diabetics experience weight loss and more stable blood sugar levels when they apply the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

Our goal is to teach people how to sustain a practical, livable lifestyle for long term success. We think the 3 workshop options we have available are the best way to get a well-rounded understanding of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle and how to apply it in a sustainable way. However, we understand that not everybody can make it to a workshop, so we bring the core workshop to you via our home study course with several audio, video and written course packages from which to choose. Also, we offer phone or Skype consults if you are interested in discussing your options further, especially as they pertain to your unique situation.

For those who have attended our live workshop, or completed our home study course, we have an extended support service to help get you through the critical first year of lifestyle transformation. We don’t want you to feel alone. We will help you resolve each difficulty with lifestyle transformation by sharing our years of experience in a secret Facebook Group setting and via unlimited email access.

You can also follow Health-e-Solutions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

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