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Today I’ll touch on something that everyone knows should do, but few put into practice: exercise.

In particular, this time I write for type 2 diabetics, who are increasingly suffering the consequences of this disease, knowing that the cure for diabetes is in their hands, or rather, in their mouths and their legs. Anyone who has doubts about the judgments of “incurable” and “life-long disease” offered by insensitive doctors when they tell us that we have diabetes, may have noticed that type 2 diabetes cure is possible. And the two pillars to sustain the cure naturally are starting a healthy diet (to cure the disease, instead of keeping it) and physical exercise / sport.

It is crystal clear: allopathic doctors are telling us, natural therapists recommend it to us, and any blog or website related to diabetes also suggests it. For a diabetic, exercising or practicing sports should be as important as the air we breathe.

Then, why do so few people do it? I think it’s for two reasons:

  • not understanding of how your body works, and
  • lack of motivation.

The former is easy to fix. Just search on Google (or another search engine you prefer, if that’s possible ;-)) for how exercise affects diabetes, how it improves your health, the relationship between exercise and insulin, the overall benefits to the body… When you learn about what benefits your body, it is difficult to continue doing the opposite and have a clear conscience (which is why many do not want to even learn about their bodies, to avoid having to confront their consciences).

Lack of motivation is a little harder to fix, because it is supposed to start inside oneself, and if it doesn’t, one can’t get it. That is, either I have the motivation or I don’t.

Right now I can think of two ways to increase motivation to exercise regularly (preferably 3 or 4 times per week):

  1. On the one hand you can increase motivation by implementing the first point, that is, getting information about what is good for your body and what harms it. That alone should be enough to keep you motivated and willing to be regular in your exercising habits.
  2. On the other hand, you can use “tricks” to make you want to spend time outdoors walking, running or doing any physical activity that you like.
diabetes & sport

What excuses do you have for not exercising?

I will explain my case. I hated running (although I love sports like tennis, soccer and many other sports). I couldn’t get motivation to go out running by myself and the time I dedicated to it felt like a lifetime. Then, on my last birthday, my big brother gave me an iPod (thanks bro!). I thought I could use the time while I’m running to listen to some music, or better yet (in my case) to hear interviews with successful people in their fields, so I’d learn a lot. And you could even learn a second language listening to podcasts. Now, I’m looking forward to my time exercising, because it is a time of learning and enjoyment.

As you can see you just have to use a little bit of imagination. To those of you who are too lazy to go for a walk or run, I suggest you buy an MP3 player that you can take with you (and there are some really cheap ones) and listen to something that you like a lot, whether it is a particular radio station, your favorite music, a Spanish course or any other language, sales courses, marketing, personal development… All this can be found on the Internet, and many sites offer resources for free.

I hope you find your motivation to hit the streets or the park or the gym and start giving your body what it needs.


PS: There are no excuses for not walking or running, and if you don’t believe it, look at the picture of this athlete.

Help other people who read this blog to motivate themselves by explaining:
What is your personal experience of motivation for exercising? How did you get it?

Update on May 25th 2012: I just posted another article about the best exercise for diabetes and how exactly can sport help people with diabetes.



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