By Charlie G ❘ 2007

I know that by following information about a therapy that has been applied successfully on some patients, it is important to know what kind of patient he/she was and be familiar with his/her health situation. Therefore, I’m going to write, as briefly as possible, about the kind of patient I am.
My name is Charly and I am 32 years old. I got diabetes 9 years ago, after three weeks of suffering the usual symptoms that indicate diabetes type I: extremely tired, very thirsty, need to urinate all the time, very hungry, eating lots of calories and sugar in order to „make up for“ being so tired and hungry (totally wrong!), and loss of 10 kg. until a weight of 62 kg. Being 186 cm tall, you can imagine how thin I was.

Scared by the situation, I went to the hospital for two days, from where I left insulin-dependent, according to the doctors, for the rest of my life. This message and the inappropriate way of telling me made me struggle with strong depression for 1 month.
I didn’t know why or what it was, but deep inside I knew that I wouldn’t suffer from this illness all my life. I didn’t accept one hundred per cent my doctor’s declaration and I guess that has kept me hopeful all these years.

Although I’ve been injecting insulin all this time (at the beginning twice a day long-acting-insulin, and later 4 times a day – 3 of them rapid-acting-insulin), I never quit researching and looking for other ways of treating diabetes from other perspectives, alternative ways which do give us solutions and hope to take again the control of our lives and our bodies and stop being a victim of the circumstances (that’s precisely the only thing the conventional medicine has to offer in this field)

I do not pretend the information given in this blog to be a replacement of your doctor’s consultation, nor to quit the treatment you are following right now or follow blindly my advice. This is simply the testimonial of someone who wants to change something in his life, who has tested different therapies until now, and who seems to have found something that really helps, at least in my case.
If you find this information useful for you, a relative or a friend, and motivates you to change something, go ahead! But do it with responsibility, research and inform yourself well first, before taking any further step.

During these years of research, I’ve read lots of books, listened to CD’s and watched DVD’s that helped me a lot in the process of healing my diabetes. Soon I will talk about them, or at least put links to those resources so you can get the information from them directly.

In my next post I will start talking about the natural therapy I am using to heal diabetes (and many other illnesses)

Take care of you.


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