By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Well, lets get to the point with the therapy that I’m using to heal my diabetes!

Everything began one day, about four centuries before Christ, when Hippocrates said: “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”


Hippocrates, father of medicine

I’ve always asked myself why traditional medicine considers Hippocrates as the “Father of Medicine”, even making medicine students take the Hippocratic oath before becoming “real” doctors who then completely forget how medicine should be according to him. Why hasn’t more research been done on nutrition to keep, treat and heal the body? After all, that’s what nature has put at our disposal.

After 9 years of trying different therapies (low-carb diet, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Homeopathy…) I think I’ve found what is really helping my body achieve a better health, decrease the insulin dose, and have deep trust that I can, and I will, heal myself. It’s not that the other therapies don’t work, but maybe for me they weren’t the appropriate ones. I think everyone must search and try what best works for him/her, independently of the therapy’s name.
And a very important point for me is that with this therapy I do not have to spend lots of money every month. I just bought a book, and the rest is spent on food (but I would spend the same amount or more on food anyway if I were eating “normally”).

Some weeks ago I bought a copy of a German book (lucky me, I do speak German as well ;-)) about healing diabetes through a diet. First I was a bit sceptical because it meant a radical change in my alimentary habits. But after having read the book, with the testimonials of people with diabetes (both type I and type II) that cured themselves in just a few months, and my common sense that was telling me “go ahead, this makes sense, it’s worth trying!”, I committed myself to follow the treatment. I just had, and still have, one goal in mind: being healed before June 20th 2008 (that’s when I would have lived 10 years with diabetes; and that’s an anniversary that I do not want to celebrate!)

The book is also available in English, and the title is “Diabetes Causes & Cure – Including cure of later diabetes consequences”. The author is Dr. Schnitzer, an Austrian doctor who has dedicated his life to treating ill people and improving their health through ways closer to our biology.

In the next posts I will show some statistics of my glycemy (blood sugar level) before and after having started the treatment for curing my diabetes and I will mention some more details about the therapy.

Have a nice and healthy day.


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