Today I wanted to give a trick that helps to stay focused on the goals we have in mind.

Every year we plan things and we set goals. At the beginning we are confident and very focused on what we want. But over the days, weeks or months, depending on the individual, the strength of the conviction we had at the beginning fades. Until one day we no longer remember what we wanted.

Well, there are little tricks to avoid that. Since I can’t, nor want, miss my goal, the day I started with the diet that is helping me cure my diabetes, I wrote with my wife’s lipstick on the bathroom mirror: “I’ll achieve it!” To which my wife wrote below: “Yes!”

I chose that place because it’s something I watch every morning when I wake up. So every day I see it and I remember what my main goal right now is. I just wrote here what my wife did, because it represents another very important, but essential thing in order to pursue a goal like this: family support (at least those who live with yourself). In my case, without the help and moral support of my wife, I don’t know if I could achieve it. Perhaps I could, but it would be extremely difficult.

Of course, the piece of the bathroom mirror in which my goal it’s written won’t be cleaned until my diabetes is cured.

Another option would be to write our objective in a card and keep it next to the bed, take it with us every day or stick something on the fridge door that remind us and keep positive, believing that we will achieve it.

So far the trick of the day 😉