On this page I will be including diabetes healing testimonials or claims of elimination of medicines that I come across (or that you send me per email). This way we will be even more encouraged and motivated, seeing the success stories about overcoming an illness or completely eliminating drugs and live a healthy life (after each video you can find the transcript in case you prefer to read)

7 Diabetes Healing Testimonials Videos

Video 1: Dr Ripich Presents a Natural Cure for Diabetes

Dr. Stefan Ripich explains in this video how The 30 Day Diabetes Cure book and video coaching program can help you reverse diabetes type 2. Read here my personal review.

Are you ready to transform your health and kick diabetes out of your life for good? My name is Dr. Stefan Ripich, and I’m a naturopathic doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I’ve helped countless patients do just that.

In my many years of practice, I can’t tell you how many patients have walked in sick, literally sick of diabetes and walked out with their blood sugar under control.

The truth is I’ve never had one single patient with pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes who hasn’t been able to get completely off of their medicines and return to a normal and healthy life.

For years now, literally hundreds of patients with diabetes have been coming to my office seeking help. Real help, real life saving help that made a difference. And over the years, I’ve developed a successful way of addressing diabetes that helps you reduce or eliminate your need for medicines. Reduce or eliminate those awful finger sticks.
Change your diet, change your lifestyle, get you feeling great, and most importantly, get you healthier than you have ever been in your entire life.

See, I’ve got a secret. I don’t focus on controlling your blood sugar through medicines and techniques and strategies. I focus on reversing diabetes. I focus on treating the cause.

There’s nothing magical here. There’s plenty of conventional, scientific evidence that proves that you can turn diabetes around if you really are serious about making the changes you need to. There’s no hocus pocus, no magic formula, it’s really a very simple straightforward program that I outline for you in the 30-Day Diabetes Cure.
Step by step, inch by inch, you start making the changes that you need so that by the end of 30 days you have the skills to turn diabetes around.

But there’s more to it than that. It turns out, that having an important relationship with your health care provider is essential. If you live in Santa Fe, that’s great, you can come and see me as a patient. But my mission in life is to get the word out to people who can’t come and see me. That’s why I wrote the book.

So in addition to the book, I’ve developed a companion video series that will help you step by step through every single inch of the way. People tend to get four to five times more out of the video than they do get from reading a book. That’s why I developed the 30-day Video Coaching Series. It allows me to coach you through the book day by day by day. I give you further information and I help you understand exactly what you need to accomplish on any given day.

Any questions? Just turn back on your video to the day you’re wondering about. There I am with the information you need. Remember, people only recall about 10% of what they read and as much as half of what they see. That’s why I developed this powerful video coaching program. I can be with you every step of the way. It’s a powerful tool. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just go to the website and listen to what my patients are saying about the book and how they turned their diabetes around.

I believe in it so strongly that’s why I offer a full money back guarantee, if at the end of the 30 days you don’t really feel like your diabetes is greatly improved, return everything for a full refund.

We all need a little extra help sometimes. And that’s exactly what the video coaching program provides. The extra little push to get you over the obstacles, over the tough times, to get you through to meet your goal of a healthy and vibrant life.

All it takes is a few minutes every day. You watch, you learn, you change, and you get better. I look forward to being your video coach and getting you back into a normal health, vibrant life.”

Read here my personal review

Video 2: DeWayne McCulley beats diabetes type 2 in just 4 months

An engineer who got a diabetic coma with a blood glucose level 1337 and 4 months later he was healed!

Moderator:Studies have shown, and I think we’re probably all exposed to something, that if we’re not diabetic ourselves or on our way to becoming one or we certainly know one or numbers of them.

It’s been about three years ago now, since on my radio show I had a guest. I’ll never forget his name, it was Tom Smith. Tom Smith in a similar but not exactly similar fashion learned he was a diabetic. And was not too happy when his doctors told him he would have to be on medicine for the rest of his life.

And then the other group of people that seems to be, just understood to be so, but there’s something with you engineers. I don’t know what it is. Something with these engineers, cause it didn’t sit well with Tom. Tom just went home and said, no I can fix this.

So he told me three years ago that he went and applied what he learned in engineering school, and what he used every day in his engineering job, to go ahead and find out how to fix that disease. Which he certainly did it himself. He told that story on our radio show. He came out with a workbook at the time and I just was enthralled by his message. And many of you were too because that workbook has still remained a classic in this region.

Although, unfortunately we can’t ever see Tom because of a sickly wife. He’s up in Nevada or someplace and I haven’t seen or heard from him since.

Now, there’s the preliminary story. Take me back to two weeks ago when Sylvia, in the course of doing what we always do together, is try to bring to the shows the guests she will have at the Freedom of Choice Group. And that’s when the name of a gentleman first came to my attention that you are going to be hearing today.

And at the time I didn’t know, that I was to find out probably within 24 hours that, well I’ll let him tell his own story, but the part I want to mention that he might not is that another engineer, an engineer, confronted with the medical travesty said you know what? I don’t think so. I’m going to figure this one out for myself too.

And in rather a different way, but yet solving the problem, this engineer I believe has done it. I believe you need to hear that message. And that’s the best intro I believe I can give anyone coming up on stage. It really is a pleasure to have him with us here today. You’ll be hearing a lot of good things about Mr. DeWayne McCulley in the near future.

DeWayne: Thank you, thank you. Thank you. And again I would like to thank Sylvia for tricking me into coming. She convinced me that I should come to Butler and that I should come to Pittsburgh and meet some great people. But I thought it was just her being a little bit over-enthusiastic and but I met some great people up in Butler last week, and today I’ve met some more great people, so I consider myself blessed to have met many of you.

One of the questions that I’m always asked is DeWayne, how did you beat diabetes? And there’s three reasons. Number one, there’s God. And people don’t like talking about God, but you can’t leave God out of the equation.
Number two is my mother, and if you knew my mother you’d understand.

And number three is my daughter. And I guess the fourth the reason, if I listen to Dr. Courtney, I guess my engineering background probably had something to do with this as well. And so today I’m going to try to take an 8 hour workshop and try to hit some highlights during the next 30 minutes or so and maybe leave some time for some questions and answers.

The original presentation I developed several months ago was basically a slide presentation and my daughter said, ‘Dad, your slides are boring. You need some music.’ And I couldn’t think of any music that would be appropriate for talking about diabetes. But the superman theme fits very well because part of my protocol addresses the super-meal program.

And so we’re going to discuss some aspects relative to that program, some bio-markers and also, again the biology of the disease diabetes.

But before I get started let me just try to recap my story. In March of 2002, I went into a diabetic coma. I was diagnosed with a specific condition known as a nonketotic hyperglycemic, hypersmolar coma. When I came out of the coma the doctor’s said, ‘DeWayne we’ve got some good news and we’ve got some bad news.’

‘The good news is that you’re alive. The bad news is we’ve got to remove your legs.’ So I don’t know if anyone here has ever been in a coma, but when you come out of a coma you don’t really realize that you were in a coma. And when the doctor’s said remove my legs, I thought he meant, oh move my legs to the other side of the bed.

And he said, ‘No DeWayne, remove.’ And my daughter said, ’You mean cut off his legs?’ My daughter had flown in from Pittsburgh.

And I said, ‘Cut off the legs?’ And the doctor said, ‘Yeah, and we’ll save $250 if we, you know, we don’t like to say cut or amputate, we like to say remove.’ And so I’m still a little groggy and so I said, ‘Okay, $250? I’ll save $250. Is that per leg or is that for both legs?’

And my daughter’s screaming, Dad it doesn’t matter how much it costs. You’re not going to remove my father’s legs. Part of the protocol, the drug protocol that they put me on, because my blood glucose level had spiked at 1337. And I didn’t know what that meant, but I could tell by the look on the doctor’s face that it wasn’t good. So they put me on a protocol of insulin, 60 units a day, of Lantus and Humalog. They put me on Coumadin because I was struggling with deep vein thrombosis and had two major blood clots. So there was as possibility of a pulmonary embolism.

I also had hypertriglycer adema which is, no disrespect to the medical professional, but they come up with some fancy names for a lot of these diseases. Hypertriglycer adema is basically you have too much fat in your blood.

Well I had been diagnosed for diabetes, which means you have too much glucose in your blood. So I had a combination of too much fat and too much glucose.

So try to imagine taking a beverage. Kool-Aid! And you add a bunch of sugar to it, it gets very syrupy. Throw on some animal fat, stir it up. That’s what my blood was like. And so they had to put me on Coumadin to try to break down the blood clots, to try to thin out my blood and they put me on Lipitor because my cholesterol also was off the charts.

It didn’t work. I was alive, but I wasn’t getting any better, so they sent me home. I was wearing a…good luck! But luckily my daughter had decided to take off some time from work and she had purchased all the blood glucose equipment and she set up my lab in my house so I could begin testing my blood glucose and begin collecting information cause she knows I love that stuff.

And the doctor said, ‘DeWayne, you need to check your blood glucose three to four times a day.’ But I didn’t have anything else to do, so I want everybody else to know, it’s not because I was that smart as an engineer. I just decided that I needed something to do. Because my daughter was bossing me around. And I think she enjoyed it.

Video 3: Holliwood star Halle Berry cures diabetes type 1

Funny, how doctors and health system prefer to say they miss-diagnosed a pacient in order not to affirm that s/he cured diabetes through a simple life-style change (or at least she lives without medication, impossible por a type 1 diabetic according to traditional medicine)

Halle: …Living Dolls for ABC. And that’s what actually moved me from New York to Los Angeles.
James: What must have been one of the most significant experiences of your life occurred I believe during Living Dolls taping. What happened to you?
Halle: One of the days at work I passed out. Just cold and had no idea what was wrong with me and I woke up and I was in the hospital and I was being told that I was diabetic. And I had no understanding of what diabetes was. I instantly thought that I was gonna die because I heard disease, okay after disease it must be death.
And I got a very quick education about what diabetes was and I realized that I probably had it for most of my childhood but when you’re diabetic nothing hurts.
James: Is this Type 1?
Halle: It is Type 1 although it’s classified now as Type 2 because I’m no longer insulin dependent. I was for a while and I’ve managed to wean myself off of insulin so now I like to put myself in the Type 2 category.
James: You controlled it with diet and with exercise?
Halle: Yes, yes.
James: That’s wonderful.
Halle: Yes.

Video 4: Sergei Boutenko cured his diabetes naturally

This is a real proof that you can cure diabetes naturally with foods, specially if you start with the treatment as soon as you know you have diabetes.

Hey what’s up guys, this is Sergie, and this YouTube Video is going to be about how I got rid of my diabetes naturally. I got a lot of e-mails on a daily basis asking me to elaborate about how I got rid of my diabetes. And unfortunately for many of the people that e-mail me, I don’t have enough time throughout my day to sit down and e-mail each and everyone of them. So I thought, why not put together a YouTube video that I can use to just help people without actually sitting down and writing an e-mail.

Now before we go any further, I just want to say that I’m not a medical doctor. I am not making any medical claims or prescribing anything to my viewers. I am simply sharing my experience and from that you can make your own conclusions. You can decide to try or not to try certain things, and I highly recommend that whatever you do, you get your doctor involved or you get a doctor who is willing to work with you and try some different alternative things.

My story is that in 1993 I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. The kind of diabetes where your pancreas produces no insulin. The doctor ran a bunch of tests, figured out that I had diabetes, told me to go on insulin immediately because every day that I didn’t go on insulin, I was potentially harming my body and in danger of going into a diabetic coma.

Prior to putting me on insulin my mom decided to do some research to find out if perhaps there was any actual solution to diabetes. And this led her to find some substantial research about exercise and a natural, raw foods based lifestyle.

In various books my mom read about how eating nothing but raw foods, essentially greens, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains, in their raw form. Unprocessed, unheated, seem to help diabetics reduce the amount of sugar in their bloodstream.

She also read that if somebody who was diabetic started to exercise a lot, this also helped burn up some of the excess sugars. So on January 21, 1993 I decided to embark on this food journey as kind of a last hurrah before agreeing to take insulin.

I started eating nothing but raw foods and I started running three to four miles every day. As a result, within one month my symptoms started going away pretty quickly. I no longer had the high blood sugar readings I was experiencing. In fact my symptoms were altogether just vanishing. And within 6 months they had vanished altogether. No longer was I getting any high blood sugar readings. No symptoms were present, I just felt all around wonderful.

So I went back to the same doctor who diagnosed me. I got checked out again by the same doctor and he agreed that my diabetes seemed to be reversing itself. Because we had such good results he kind of backed off a little bit and stopped calling social services on my parents and said, ‘You know, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but if it’s working for you, go for it.’

Now in these last 16 years I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my body, about diabetes and I’ve learned some things that are very beneficial and other things that maybe should not be done.

For example, it’s commonly known that diabetics should be very careful about how much fruit they eat because fruits contains natural sugars. I found this needs a little bit of explanation, because I did some tests on my own body and figured out that fruit sugars, when eaten with fiber, don’t affect my blood sugar, or affect it very little and as a result, I can eat fruits.

However if I eat juiced fruit, or juiced sweet raw vegetables there-by taking the fiber away, I would actually spike my blood sugar. So what this actually means is if I eat whole fruit, a banana, an apple, or if I blended it in a blender and kept the fiber still intact, my blood sugar was okay and I could eat as much fruit as I wanted.

Whereas if I juiced the fruit and took the fiber away, then my blood sugar would spike.
I’ve also started in recent years incorporating lots of green smoothie into my diet where I blend fruits mixed with greens in a blender, keeping the fiber intact, and drink this and I’ve found that this is very, very beneficial for diabetes.

So just to recap. What I did to get rid of my diabetes naturally was eat a whole foods, raw foods diet. With fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains and greens. I started doing green smoothies, again where I mixed fruits and greens in a blender and made this shake. Some people who are extremely sensitive to sugars, might consider making a savory green smoothie and that’s the kind where you use fruits that have low glycemic indexes like tomatoes, bell peppers and blend them with greens so you can still get the benefit of a green smoothie without getting a high sugar content.

And if you look up my YouTube Videos or go to the Boutenko Films YouTube Channel, there’s plenty of savory green smoothie videos and how to videos and the last thing I did was I started to exercise vigorously. I would go on runs, I would jump on a trampoline, I would do yoga. Anything where I sweat and use my muscles because that burns up sugars in your blood stream.

Video 5: Dr. Fuhrman cures diabetes naturally

A great example about why you should be very careful about what the American Diabetes Association says. They are not in your favor because they are paid by the insulin producing companies.

We have to put all those factors into account if we’re devising a diet for someone who’s diabetic and we want to get optimal results.

And we have to, at the same time, promise them with 100% certainty, that if you follow this, I can guarantee you won’t need those diabetic medicines, we can cut your diabetic medications down right away. We’ll have you come, we won’t be controlling your diabetic, your diabetes, if you’re a Type 2, we’ll be having you become un-diabetic and you’ll get dramatic results that will add many years to your life and prevent you from developing blindness, leg amputations, kidney failures and all these horrendous tragedies that befall people with diabetes. And could be tremendously motivating.

I remember once I had a patient that was sent to me by an endocrinologist. His blood sugar was between 400-500 and he was on about 300 units of insulin a day. I said, ‘What?!’ Plus oral medications too.

This guy got off his insulin completely within the first month. A huge guy. Already had his foot, his toes cut off by the way. The doctor that sent him to me wasn’t the diabetologist or endocrinologist, they never send me their patients, cause they know the minute they do they lose the patient.

The doctor’s, the diabetologist sends them to the kidney, the nephrologist. The nephrologist when their kidney function starts going bad, the diabetologist refers them to the nephrologist and the nephrologist refers them to me. They also come in that back door. Never from the diabetologist directly. And of course the guy’s kidney function gets better.

I remember one story with this lady, Janet, she was a school principal. She went into the emergency room with a complication of her diabetes. She was a lovely lady. And the emergency room doctor liked her so much that he whispered in her ear, don’t tell anybody, but go see Dr. Fuhrman, but don’t tell anybody I told you that.
So this lady comes in to see me, and to make a long story short she gets better from her diabetes and she writes this beautiful article that gets published in a medical, in a publication for school principals cause she was a school principal. And the American Diabetic Association, someone picks up this article and they call me on the phone and they say, can you write an article for a national magazine that goes out to all diabetic teachers and people with diabetes, and I say sure.

They send me a check for $750. I said, I’d write it for nothing, but you pay me $750 great. I cash the check, I write the article, I send it in. And they call me back on the phone and say, ‘Dr. Fuhrman we can’t print your article as it’s written because you have an example of four patients all who came off their diabetic medications. And our magazine is sponsored by Eli Lilly who make insulin. So can you tone it down so the patients are improving but not coming off of their medication?’

And I said, ‘No I can’t.’ So I sent them back their check. But a really nice person on the phone. She admitted to me what the problem was and she tried to work with me but I didn’t want to change it so I guess I didn’t.

Video 6: Michelle Farinola reverses her diabetes type 1 with raw food

Another case of diabetes type 1 cure, this time with the raw food diet from Gabriel Cosens

Michelle: Well I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes seven months ago. I thought I had a pretty healthy diet but – standard American diet. At the time I saw an endocrinologist and she told me I would just continue to get worse and I would be dependent on insulin the rest of my life.

Because I was newly diagnosed and I knew nothing about diabetes, I started doing my own research and through all the research that I did, the best book I came across was There is a Cure for Diabetes by Dr. Cousens that just, best meaning it resonated with me.

I got this book about a week and a half or two weeks before I went to The Tree of Life. I was able to get into their reversing diabetes program. And I got there three weeks after being diagnosed.

But leading up to my going there I started to go vegan and more raw. And the more I did incorporate vegan and raw foods, the lower my blood sugar would get every day and hence my dependence on insulin was getting lower. I would have to adjust my dosage so that by the time I got to Tree of Life, I went 100% raw and so by my third day of being, actually my second day of going 100% raw I was able to go off insulin because my blood sugar was so low, I couldn’t even take insulin if I wanted to.

And I have not been on insulin since, so I have maintained raw, pretty much 100% raw since I’ve come back from the Tree of Life and I have been able to remain insulin free and I test my blood every morning. My blood is also at a non-diabetic level. Some days it creeps up a little bit, but never enough to need insulin. Sometimes it’s in the pre-diabetic level, depending, but most of the time it’s non-diabetic and in the normal healthy range.
Q: That’s wonderful and what was it when you, like right before you started doing, you know the raw foods?

Michelle: Before I started raw, well when I was diagnosed my blood sugar was at 301. That was when I was first diagnosed. And then when I was on insulin, it was just all over the place. I could not seem to get – it was like a rollercoaster ride, cause some days I would wake up and it’s high and I would take insulin and it would get too low, but then it would get high again, it was never – right now I’m always at a steady, pretty good pace where as the insulin kind of just confused my body.

Q: Yeah so you must be pretty happy to be off the insulin, to not have to deal with that, the spikes, and then when it falls you have to eat some sugar. It’s hard, you know, there’s so many diabetics dealing with that.

Michelle: I saw a new endocrinologist 3 weeks ago. And I avoided going to an endocrinologist for all that time, for seven months. I saw a new one that was recommended to me and I knew she was supportive. So I had my blood tested and there is a test called an A1, a hemoglobin A1C, which is a test for diabetics. And when I first diagnosed in March my A1C was at 11.3, which anything above 8 is you have diabetes and it’s out of control, which under 6 is you don’t have diabetes. So when I was first diagnosed I was 11.3. When I was tested again which was in July…that was March. When I was tested again in July I was at 6.1 and when I was tested 3 weeks ago with the new endocrinologist I was at 5.8.

Yes which is very, very exciting, because it’s a marker of how you’ve been doing over a period of 2-3 months, so it tests how the sugar in your system is attaching itself to the red blood cells. So the lower the number, the healthier your system and under 6 is considered non-diabetic, so at this point right now, I’m considered a non-diabetic by my numbers, but obviously I have to continue to heal and continue to eat raw in order to keep that going for myself.

Q: And so how is it, how is the raw food lifestyle going for you? Is it easy now or is it, was it every difficult? Tell us about that.

Michelle: I was dealing with a lot in a short period of time. When I got to the Tree of Life, it’s very easy there because you are in this great environment and it’s like a buffet, a plethora of like raw foods to you every day so you don’t have to think about it, but so it’s wonderful to get up and have all your meals prepared for you. But it really prepares you of the possibilities and part of that program is also they teach you preparation so that when you go home from there you are prepared.

So yes, when I got home I felt much more knowledgeable and prepared.

Q: Sure, so you’d definitely recommend that program to other people who are kind of looking for another way to handle their disease.

Michelle: Absolutely. I think I’ve been blessed because that first experience with that endocrinologist was really not a good experience, but because it was not good, and because it made me so sick, it forced me to research other options.

There is another path that you could take besides just insulin and that’s the only option available to you.
Yes, you need to monitor yourself, yes you need to be very aware. You can’t just go off your insulin and go raw, you have to monitor yourself in the process and when you get to a certain point you just do your numbers and you can wean yourself down. But just for me I never wanted to give up the hope of possibility. And when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, you kind of get this feeling that it’s just this fate that someone’s handed you. But I truly believe at this point that you can do everything you can to take control of your future, but it’s going to be how well and how far you want to take control.

But there is a different path and there is possibility. And it’s doable and it doesn’t hurt you, because even if it’s just improving you, what you eat. So that’s the greatest thing.

Q: Right it’s not like there’s side effects, so you might as well try it right? It’s not going to harm you and it can only help.

Michelle: Right people think the drug is something that we can latch onto, it’s like we’ve been conditioned to think that’s what’s going to help you. And it’s actually more risky to take that then it would be to just change your diet. Changing your diet is something you can try that doesn’t have side effects it’s not going to do anything but help you.

Q: Right.

Michelle: So even if you could just cut out certain things in your diet, you know white sugar, white flour, dairy. Even if you just start off with baby steps in that direction and see how you feel and how it effects you.
My advice would be do as much research as you can and start doing whatever you can to try and take control over yourself and the healing part of it. Cause yes, you’ll go to the doctor, you’ll get diagnosed. You can get your medications, but you can take control of healing. Cause the healing’s not really going to happen on that protocol, the healing’s up to you on how you what you eat and how you take care of yourself. And it’s absolutely possible and it’s believing in yourself and your body’s power to heal.

Q: Thank you so much for sharing your story Michelle. It’s such a beautiful story and really important for people to hear and just takes a lot of courage to do what you’ve done and thank you for sharing.

Michelle: Thank you.

Video 7: 5 steps to reverse diabetes and insulin resistance

Dr. Mark Hyman exposes the steps to avoid and reverse diabetes and insulin resistance:


Hi, this is Dr. Hyman, welcome back. Now here is some headline news that you have not heard about. There was a new compound just discovered that turns off all the diabetes genes. Guess what it is? It’s rye bread and rye pasta.
Now you might remember from one of my recent blogs that rye has special phytonutrients that turn off all the genes responsible for diabetes in just a few weeks.

Now this should have been headline news along with all the other discoveries about how to control diabetes that I’m going to tell you about today.
Last week I talked to you about how to find out if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic because half the people with diabetes walking around don’t know they have it. And nearly all the people with pre-diabetes, certainly don’t know they have it.

So let’s get started. First thing is diet. You know eating in a way that balances your blood sugar. That reduces the inflammation and oxydative stress and improves your liver detox is the key to preventing, reversing and stopping insulin resistance in diabetes. This is a way of eating based on a whole foods diet.

It’s high in fiber, low in sugars and flours, it’s got a low glycemic load and it’s rich in colorful fruits and vegetable. Very simple whole foods diet.

It’s a way of eating that includes lots of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and detoxifying foods. It includes plenty of Omega-3 fats and olive oil and soy products and beans and nuts and seeds. All of these foods have been proven to prevent and reverse diabetes and insulin resistance.

So here’s the basic guidelines for those who own a body, and I think that’s most of you out there.
There’s a way of eating that turns on all the right gene messages. The promotes a healthy metabolism, and prevents aging and age related diseases like diabetes and heart disease. And this is right from my book ultra-metabolism.

So here’s the prescription.

First think about your meal timing. You’ve got to eat some type of protein for breakfast every day. It could be whole, omega-3 eggs, a protein shake, nut butters. You’ve got to eat something every 4 hours to keep your blood sugar balanced. You’ve got to eat small protein snacks in the morning and afternoon, such as a handful of almonds. And you’ve have to finish eating 2 hours before bed otherwise you’re going to look like a sumo wrestler.

And then you have to look at the composition of each meal. Sort of like painting a painting. You have to have all the right balance in there of protein, fats and carbohydrates and make sure you balance your sugars.

Now here’s some basic principles. One, choose organic produce. Two, eat Omega-3 fat containing foods. Three make sure you have quality protein. Four eat the omega-3 eggs. Next, eat a high meal, sorry a meal high in low glycemic beans such as lentils, chickpeas and soybeans. These help your blood sugar go up slowly and raise the good cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol.

Eat a whole cornucopia of fruits and vegetables with lots of phytonutrients. All the colors of the rainbow. Eat the rainbow, right? Use the low burning, low glycemic vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage and brussel sprouts. Eat lots of great fruits such like berries, cherries, peaches, plums, rhubarb, pears and apples which are wonderful for your body and antioxidants.

Focus on anti-inflammatory foods that have, things like wild fish with full, full of omega-3 fats and red and purple berries and dark green leafy vegetables. And eat more anti-oxidant rich foods. These are like orange vegetables, yellow and dark green leafy vegetables. And red and purple and all those nice colors that we were talking about.

Make sure you eat detoxifying foods to help your liver like broccoli, kale, and collards and dandelion greens and Chinese broccoli and green tea and water crescents and dandelion greens, and cilantro and artichokes and garlic and pomegranate, even cocoa. So many foods out there can help you.

And try some herbs like rosemary and ginger and turmeric that are powerful anti-oxidants. And avoid excessive quantities of meat. And if you have to eat meat, make sure they are organic or grass fed.

Eat lots of garlic or onions cause they help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and help you detoxify. Eat lots of fiber containing foods which are whole foods, basically plant foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains.

I eat a good quantity of extra virgin olive oil and use soy products in your diet and eat more nuts and seeds and yes you can even eat chocolate. The darkest only most luxurious kind, and only a few ounces at a time. It should be at least 70% cocoa.

And of course you should get off all the bad stuff, right? Those are all the good things. You get off processed food and white flour and high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners and starchy processed carbs and fruit juices and canned vegetables and hydrogenate oils and processed oils and lots of red meat and big fish like tuna and swordfish which have mercury. And try to get rid of as much dairy as you can and limit caffeine and alcohol. And make sure you exercise cause that’s dramatically important for improving insulin sensitivity.

And learn how to deal with stress which is actually critical for helping balance your blood sugar and improving your metabolism. Also I encourage you to think about supplementations. A good multivitamin and also some special nutrients that I include in my blog in detail like lypoic acid and biotin and cinnamon and fenugreek and banaba leaf and something called PGX which is a phenomenal compound. It’s glucomine and fiber that slows your blood sugar absorption and helps you actually lower your blood sugar and lower your cholesterol.

So these are all very simple things you can do to have profound effects on your diabetes. Reverse diabetes, reverse insulin resistance, help your body actually recover from this horrible event that has happened as a result of the choices you make every day.

So diabetes, remember, diabetes and it’s precursor, insulin resistance are the most looming threat to our health in the 21st Century. It’s a tragic consequence of our toxic food environment, our unmitigated exposure to stress, our sedentary lifestyle.

However these problems are completely preventable and often reversible through aggressive lifestyle changes, supplements, exercise and stress management.

Diabetes is the biggest health epidemic we have triggered by the obesity epidemic. And all of our medical efforts to treat it are focused on medications and insulin and it’s simply the wrong approach.

So if you follow these guidelines, you will see a dramatic change very quickly in your health, in your weight and your diabetes. Just try it.

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  1. Elidad says:

    Hello. This is a great list of testimonials. I have found courage by watching them, thank you.
    You do not mention Sergei Boutenko. His story is great and inspiring. Worth adding to your list I believe.

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Elidad, thanks for the recommendation. I already added Sergei Boutenko’s video testimonial to the list.
    I encourage people to tell me about other diabetes healing testimonials so that I can add them here and create the most extended list of diabetes healing video testimonials.

    Wishing you health

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  5. Beata says:

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