By Charlie G ❘ 2011

This time I come with good news, especially for those with type 2 diabetes.
Two days ago newspapers and online news sites started publishing news referencing the discovery that British researchers have made in which diet can cure type 2 diabetes.

In my opinion, this shouldn’t really be news today, because there are several methods (in this blog you can read about some of them) who long claim that with proper diet and sport diabetes type 2 can be reversed. Anyway, all the hype that is being given to this news will be good too.

In a nutshell, they have discovered that taking a 600 calories diet for 2 months, type 2 diabetes disappears with the elimination of fat around the pancreas. This is also what they are doing in some hospitals to remove obesity (and diabetes) in obese people. Of course, such a treatment costs about $20,000. With the diet, however, the cost is reduced to almost zero.

They say they will have to continue doing experiments to see if the cure of diabetes is permanent or only temporary, and apply it to many more patients.

The question I bear in mind is if such a diet is only applicable to obese people or it may be used by non obese or thin individuals with type 2 diabetes. I would also like to know what kind of supplements have been used to energize the body, since I find 600 calories very little to the average person.

For a long time I’ve been an advocate of using a proper diet and sport (ie a change in lifestyle) to treat type 2 diabetes.
If you want to cure your type 2 diabetes but 600 calories seem too little for you, I recommend the book “The 30 Day Cure Diabetes” by Dr. Ripich, which reveals how to eliminate diabetes (especially type 2) in 30 days, step by step.
In this link I reviewed Dr. Ripich’s book and why I love it so much.

Here the news source.

Go find your way to cure your type 2 diabetes!


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5 Comments on Diet cures type 2 diabetes

  1. keith collinsa says:

    well i dont know i have gluten intolerance and i have issue with tendons and hip arthistic issues . i lost 39 lbs just to turn my ankle and hip to not sitting more then an hour at time due to sciatia nerve and tail bone aches inflamation and the execersise
    go together i order a omega xl with 30 esstial fatty acids now
    hopefully that with work and i will have no more miserable pain. then i can work on the diabete thing ,, i was on a 600 calrie diet on fat cure with a anthamylus spray that help supress ungry to nothing and active the fat burn,,
    i lost 30 9 bs in 51 day ,,
    i dont know i think that could of melted some of the fat around my pancreas ,, dont you think ?, keith

  2. keith collinsa says:

    I was 250 down to 221 in 52 days with that spray ,
    i had thyroid issues at the same time i was taking a T3 support while on the spray not recommended by them ,
    thyroid and glute intolerance and ovr weight and tendos that like to give out and back and sciatia issues on my
    well that me in a miserable state. you 30 day thing would be priceless if it workedfor me i suffered all my life it seems ,, even as a litttle kid my legs hurt, but no one would hear me .
    maybe that omega xl will do what american doctors refuse to help
    i know i hear them say they were not allow to help people get well it gones against the code ,

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  4. Ju says:

    Hi! Charlie, Both my parents have Diabetis 2. My Father has been on oral Medications for 15 yrs. He Started on Insulin Levemir (Long Acting) 5 month ago, along w/ his 3 kinds of meds;while he was Hospitalized for 15 days and in a Rehab. Center from Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. 2012, he was on 2 other (short Acting )types of Insulin Humalog & Novolin, when he atwas dischard home on Dec. 18, I only kept him on Levemir he is on 18 units in the morning and of course his meds. My Father had Prostate Cancer and had Surgery Stage D , he Opted to have Kemo Treatment for life, instead of going thru radiation at the time (15 Yrs. ago ). He is overweight which turns more difficult to walk, he needs to exercise more, but due to his diabetic peripheral neuropathy it makes it extremely difficult to stand; some days when his diabetis are higher, over 140 fasting and over 180 after meals he cannot move. I find it very necessary to keep his diabetis level at a normal range and under control so he can be able to stand to use his walker to transfer him from his electrical adjustable recliner, where he sleeps, he cannot sleep on a bed, and to and from his wheelchair to the bathroom, and have him stand to sponge baths, change diapers and get dressed. It is always a constant everyday battle! I just wish there is a cure for diabetis, but unfortunately there is not! Diabetes affect the overall health; it is very stressing, and sad disease; it damages the nerves and weakens the muscles leaving a person without much strengh. I hope to get some relief for my Parents. It ewould be ideal to be able to take some natural remedies without having to depend on these risky medications, which only cause terrible side effects.

    Thank you,

    Ju ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

  5. Charlie says:

    Hi Ju, I understand how hard it must be to be in that situation, both for your dad and for you. Yes, diabetes, if not controlled, affects many parts/functions of the body. So it’s like a never ending spiral of getting worse.
    BUT, having type 2 diabetes, there are lots of things you/he can do. I recommend you this book/therapy. Lots of people improved their health tremendously following it.

    Good luck!