By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Diabetes, sport, food, insulin … Hmm, I know these concepts are closely linked in reference to diabetes and we shouldn’t think of one without considering the others. I mention this because it seems that for now I’ll have to manage my health without one of them to help cure my diabetes, at least partially.

As I said on a past post, I suffered a muscle strain in the quadriceps (actually it was broken) playing soccer. After having visited 2 times a physiotherapist and having received intensive massages that helped a lot, I thought I thought I would be able to do sport again soon. Yesterday morning, giving baby food to my son, I ducked and my qudriceps stretched again hurting a lot. I noticed that it will be a while until I can play sports again (well, at least I can go for a walk)

It seems to me that I got another obstacle to cure my diabetes. But thinking about it I realized that, if I keep improving and I reverse my diabetes, it will be hundred percent due to the diet/treatment I’m following along with my mental attitude (since the exercise will have little role in the coming weeks or months)


As the saying goes, When Life Gives Us Lemons, We Make Lemonade 😉

Update July 14, 2012: recently I wrote a more thorough article about diabetes and exercise. Check it out!