By Charlie G ❘ 2007

This time I would like to write a bit more about Dr. Schnitzers Diabetes Healing Diet.
The author developed this therapy / diet after having avoided multiple leg amputations due to gangrene caused by diabetes, and many patients cured their leg and the diabetes. In his book “Diabetes Causes & Cure – including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences” there are several testimonials written by patients themselves, who for the past 20 years have been cured of diabetes, both type I and type II, with his healthy eating concept.

Since I already explained his food theory, which has a perfect logic to me, today I want to go a little more in detail about the diet. According to a scientific study on the constitution of men’s jaw and teeth throughout history, it concluded that men and women are naturally frugivorous. From that conclusion we can deduce the type of food that our body was equipped to bite, break down and digest: germinable grains, germinated seeds and legumes, sprouts, lettuce, roots, nuts, fruits.

raw food for diabetesMany detractors of the vegetarian diet based their opinions on the false theory that some essential amino acids can be found only in animal products (meat, milk, cheese …) But in reality, amino acid requirements can also be met through a combination of vegetable protein (for example by combining cereals with green salads or with vegetables and soy). The advantage of such proteins is that we don’t overload our body with protein and therefore do not produce the typical diseases caused thereby. This is because our appetite, originally created to be satisfied with vegetables, gives signs to stop eating on time, since we already feel full (these “brakes” fail with animal foods to which our bodies are not genetically programmed).

Natural foods mentioned above should be enjoyed in a more “lively”, that is, without decomposing them through heat. Being cooked (heat exposure) can even be toxic (except potatoes), apart from losing their nutrient value.
That’s why for both, healthy and sick people, is the easiest way to digest. The problem is that our bodies are not accustomed to this kind of food (the one original).

To make the transition from the current diet to thi organic diet, the author advises a phase of adaptation through a diet of soups, cereals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in which the first third of this period, the grains are boiled a bit, the second phase is mixed half and half raw and boiled and the third stage, only wet.
This period can last from 3 days to 3 weeks.

From my experience I can say that this phase is the hardest, including stomach upset, as my body needed to get used to it. But then you can start eating all the other things I mentioned before, the stomach works better and better. In fact I had always suffered from diarrhea and constipation, and since I started this diet I didn’t have, and I can go to the toilet every day without problem (and having dropped the amount of insulin I inject by 75%, signals that my body feels very well with this diet)

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