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  1. Lynne says:

    I just found you site & haven’t read through the whole thing. It is late now so I will go to bed soon. I was wondering what the results have been. Did you give up on trying all the things you were doing?

    I was thinking the authors of the books should pay you to do what they are recommending & pay for your expenses.

    I hope you are well. I look forward to hearing from you, Lynne from Maryland in the USA.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Lynne, thanks for your interest! Well, i’ve been trying different treatments & diets. I guess you mean the vegan diet? After 8 months I had to stop this diet because I lost some weight (and I can’t afford to loose any since I’m already thin) and I didn’t have energy. I achieved some good results with it, but either it was not the solution FOR ME, or I would have had to add supplements and vitamins to the diet, but I didn’t have the money.

      ha ha, that would be nice if the authors of those books would pay me (not waiting for it, though) 😉

      Wishing you well

  2. Debi says:

    Hi – I have been on the “30 day Diabetes Cure” for 27 days. I have followed the diet very good without going off of it in any way. I have not seen my numbers drop. I am still in the high 200’s in the morning. I will admit the exercise is not coming along really well. I know I need to work on that but the eating has been by the book. When will I see my numbers drop? Thanks so much for any advice you can give me.

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi Debi, what kind of diabetes do you have? Type 1 or type 2? And are you taking any drugs/insulin?
    I think you are already benefiting from following the diet by the book (although you may not perceive the benefits yet), but exercise is a very important piece of the 30-Day Diabetes Cure plan.

    And are you taking the vitamins/multivitamins as well?


  4. P Maloney says:

    Is there a clinic in the US Pat

    available that treats patients

  5. Charlie says:

    Hi Pat, what kind of clinic are you looking for? Did you mean a clinic where they treat with the 30 Day Diabetes Cure?

  6. Bette Grey says:

    Dear Dr Ripich,

    I am writing to possibly request that we might be able to get copies of your books at a reduced cost. Let me explain who we are – we are a free medical clinic in rural PA. We treat the working uninsured and among them are many many diabetics who cannot afford their medications. One of the patients who we had just put on insulin had gotten a copy of your book and her A1-C’s came down dramatically and we needed to reduce her insulin dramatically.
    I am thinking that since the folks don’t have money to afford meds nor money to be seen in ER’s for emergent diabetic issues.

    I know the book retails for $50 but if we could either get some books for free that we can loan or if we could purchase some at a reduced price, that would be great.

    I can be reached at Columbia County Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, Inc. at 570-752-1780 or via my email. Also here is my cell phone as well – 570-204-3930.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.

    Bette Grey, BA, RRT, CPFT
    Clinic Director

  7. michael deRosa says:

    Dear Charlie: I have been reading your Blog concerning the Ripich cure. and wondering if I should invest in the program ( trying it) Phase 1 appears to be similar to the Adkins Diet first 2 weeks plan to place yourself into Keto- Acidosis with the total restriction on Carbs and I’m assuming the eating of low fat meats only. As a person who grew up with diabetes type 1 and 2 on both sides of the family. It was not a question of if I would become diabetic, but when.
    Keto acidosis is a real pain in the butt for us, and medically not indicated. Can you comment. Secondly, the only diet that ever worked for me was the Adkins Diet I lost over 60 lbs in a 3 month period. The doctor complained that I lost the weight too quickly, and was placed on a different type of diet where I not only gained back the 60 but more as well, and have not lost a single lb since. I quickly ran through diabetic medication and I’m now taking 95 units AM and 84 units PM of 70/30 (long/ short acting) insulin mix similar to nova log. But my real concern is the consequences of the keto-acidosis. And #3 What vitamins, minerals, and supplements do you recommend during the phases of this trial?

  8. Charlie says:

    Hi Michael, It seems to me that the Atkins diet did more good to you than the one recommended by your doctor, although I agree that it would be better to loose weight progressively and not so quickly. But, if your doctor’s diet put you 60 lbs more again, and couldn’t loose any lbs again, plus needing medications, it’s obvious to me that this is not doing you any good.

    The purpose of phase 1 is to stop eating the “bad” and diabetes causing carbs and break the vicious carbohydrate craving cycle. This is done prograssively, step by step, not suddenly from day 1 till day 10.
    In the book, Dr. Ripich also states that you will never feel hungry.

    I am not qualified to recommend any vitamins, minerals or supplements, but in the book 30 Day Diabetes Cure there’s a chapter dedicated to this topic (how to find real and useful vitamins and suplements, which brands are most trusted, which are essencial for people with diabetes…)

    I would say, that when you try diets or therapies, listen to your body because it is giving you signals about what makes you healthier and what makes you sick.


  9. Loretta St.Peter says:

    I would like to know where I can buy the book,The 30 dqy Diabetes cure. I have type 2, my husband does also.I have seen it advertized, but cant seem to be able to get to where I can order it.Thanks for any and all help.

  10. Aimee says:

    I found your site googleing healing type 1 and saw your review of 30 day cure. Looks like an interesting book, but I too am working to heal type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed 41 years ago and have been on this healing journey for quite some time. I was a raw foodist for 7 years but it didn’t work for me. I am now on a paleo/kitogenic diet and have superb blood sugars, usually in the 70’s to 80’s. I am going to be adding more fermented foods and especially Effective Micro-organisms very soon, as they improve my blood sugars dramatically. I just wanted you to know that there are other type 1’s out there believing that healing is possible and are on the road to healing. I hesitate to use the word cure, because it seems like the person is not taking their health into their own hands. I think you have to do it for yourself, not depend on someone else to cure you. Any way, you are not alone.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Aimee, nice to hear that there are other type 1 diabetics actively looking for a way to heal themselves (sometimes I think I’m alone in this journey)
      Yeah, the raw food diet didn’t work for me either, though I just was able to follow it 8 months.
      I’ll take a look to the paleo/kitogenic diet you mentioned (or if you have information it would be great if you could send me the resources)

      Or even better, if you believe that this diet can help other people with type 1 diabetes and would like to write a post about it (what it is, how it works, what are the fundamentals…), I’ll be more than happy to publish your post in this blog, sort of a guest-post.

      Anyway, thank you again for reaching out!


  11. Tommy Stamatelos says:

    I am trying to buy your book. The website doesn’t work, neither do your phones. I left a message on your home phone.

  12. nazerah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I like to buy your book but I dont have my credit card, so can I buy by post and I pay directly to your bank account / post order /money transfer .

    Do you have such method of payment, hope to hear from you soon, tq.

    Nazerah Mustafa

  13. Carol Cubberley says:

    This book sounds similar to The Diabetes Miracle by Diane Kress, RD, CDE. My husband, who is Type 2, has a liver transplant, and has had bypass surgery, tried it very briefly, but it seemed to directly conflict with the diet he needs to be on for high cholesterol. So now we just count carbs, look for low-carb substitutes. He is not overweight and exercises regularly. (In fact, he is now actually in cardiac therapy three times a week after having a stent placed). So before buying the book I would like to know if the diet is incompatible with a heart diet.

  14. Charlie G says:

    Hi Carol, I would suggest that you contact them directly at the phone number on their website. Since I’m not familiar with heart diets and could be complications, I don’t want to comment on that. Ask Dr Ripich or Jim Healthy directly (on their site or on Facebook)


  15. Van Crawford says:

    I just read the article about glyconutrients. Have you tried these supplements and what kind of results did you get? There is a lot of hype about them, but I’m wondering if anyone has had good results with diabetes? What product were you using?


  16. Hi
    I’ve been trying to place an order to purchase your book but it won’t let us place the order in Australia. Can you tell me why this is so. My husband has diabetes and we want to get onto this and fix it.



    • Charlie says:

      Hi Ch’kara, I guess you are talking about the book “The 30 days diabetes cure”. I didn’t write the book, just reviewed after reading it and applied it.
      You’ll have to get in touch with Jim Healthy, co-author of the book.


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