By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Today I would like to start saying that the current medicine way to treat diabetes is probably based on false assumptions (like, “diabetes is incurable”).

Yesterday I found an example of this, reading an article in a journal on the Internet about genomics. Apparently, for the first time a study has found the complete genetic sequence of a person (in this case the researcher’s own project Craig Venter) One of the conclusions of the study is that “the [genetic] variation from one human to another is seven times higher than previous estimates, showing that at the genetic level we are much more unique individuals [than we thought].”

What do I mean by this? Well, if in fact each one of us is unique and different at the biological level, why does the health system insist so much to treat everyone in the same way? If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you get the label “diabetic”, you are convinced that your pancreas is not working and you are prescribed insulin for the rest of your life. And they call this treating a disease? For me, treating a disease is to see what has caused it (and each individual may have had a different reason), and go to the cause of the problem in order to treat it/solve it.

In fact, the starting point in our case would be to correct our obstructed body by providing the natural conditions that the human metabolism needs to function at its normal level (with health). The “bio-logical” method I’m using points to cure disease through the elimination of the root causes of insulin’s insufficient effectiveness, restoring the natural health, mainly through appropriate natural nutrition. This should normalize the metabolic processes and allow the patient to metabolize carbohydrates again (from “Diabetes, causes & cure” by Dr. Schnitzer)

enzymeOf course, we have to change the whole food concept we’re used to. The therapy is basically a diet based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes sprouts, no food from animals, and everything, as fresh as possible (ie without cooking)

Why no meat? Because they are rich in protein, which is accumulated in the cell membrane, increasing its thickness. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult for the cell to exchange oxygen and nutrients to the outside. Of course, glucose has more difficulties to enter the cell and therefore accumulates in the blood, which needs the increase of insulin dosis. On the long run, this causes most known diseases and complications from diabetes.

Why raw? Because this way the food has all the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins required to metabolize. When cooking (boiling or frying) food, they lose their enzymes, so that our body, besides from the energy needed for digestion, it needs an extra effort to create their own enzymes and thus be able to metabolize food. It’s what happens with refined foods (white bread, pastries, refined flour …) By taking away the outer layer of cereal grains, they also remove the fiber and enzymes provided for our body to benefit more from them.

That’s why I am able to reduce insulin eating the same amount of carbohydrates: because I changed the type of carbohydrates. By eating whole grains, I have the fiber and enzymes that my body needs to process them very slowly (so there are usually no peaks or low blood sugar) and by not eating meat or dairy products, my cells can exchange all they need to the outside, thus exercising their natural function.

Each case may be different, but I believe (and many healing cases explained in the book show that) in most cases, the pancreas returns to its normal operating state.

Of course, Dr. Schnitzer’s therapy includes more tips, theories, recipes and recommendations to help you out with his diet.


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