Hi, my name is Carlos, but since my friends in highschool used to call me Charlie, I like having that name here as well.

In 1998, when I was 23, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which was a real turning point in my life. I sank into depression for about 1 month. But fortunately I realized that being depressed would worsen my condition and my quality of living. I knew it was better to accept for now that I would have to live with diabetes for a while (or, according to doctors, even for the rest of my life).

At that point I decided to research and try everything available that could help control diabetes or even reverse or cure my diabetes.

Now, almost 14 years later, I consider myself lucky for being able to read books about diabetes in 3 different languages, for being able to do intensive research on the internet about the natural alternatives to treat diabetes no matter where the researchers are located in the world.

I decided to start a blog (this blog) where I would share all my research, findings, and experiences with different treatments and where people could share their own experiences and knowledge.

I guess, I just wanted to be a person of value and give hope to the millions of people who suffer this disease.

I feel great when I read some peoples’ comments here on this blog, saying that they are much healthier now or that they were able to drop meds by following some treatment that they heard about for the first time here. My purpose is fulfilled when I read those comments.

If you are suffering diabetes as well, either type 1 or type 2, I hope you will find something here that can improve your or your loved one’s health and vitality.

To your health and prosperity,

Charlie G.

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  1. I’m inquireing for my brother.He doesn’t have internet.Can I get this kit and information by mail?

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Lillie, which kit are you referring to? You can print all the information in this website if you want and give it to him. If you are talking about the 30 Day Diabetes Cure book, you can buy it in pdf format and you’ll get it per email.


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