By Charlie G ❘ 2008

Today I want to catch up and write about the most current events that I have experienced on the subject of the healing of my diabetes. Two weeks ago I decided to make a “juice fasting” for my body to focus even more on the task of cleaning, removing, regenerating and healing. The idea is that so the body can use all the energy saved for digestion to heal and purify.

I started with a lot of energy, bought tons of vegetables to make juice and started to make combinations of vegetables. At first it is hard to get used to it, especially in the morning, to have vegetable juice for breakfast. The following days my body seemed to tolerate it better and it needed less insulin. Even some days I didn’t need fast acting insulin with my meals (or rather, drinks).

But after a week, my body started giving me signs of not fitting so well to that. Just thinking of the juice, and my stomach churned a bit. Since I decided to listen more to my body and its signals (something I had not done before in my life), I thought that it wasn’t the best for me and I stopped drinking juices.

You can’t imagine how much I crave, and how tasty a simple salad sounds after a week without chewing anything! I started gradually to reintroduce solid foods (salad, seeds, nuts). But I thought that if my body was able to tolerate a liter of vegetable juice without insulin, it also should be able to do it with salads. So that day I decided not to go back to fast acting insulin at meals. Wow! What a decision!

To further support my body, I stopped taking the foods that I know increase my blood sugar levels as carrots, apples and fruits in general. The result: I haven’t injected fast acting insulin at each meal for a week! I only need 8 units of slow acting insulin at night (4 units less than before I started with the juices). And my sugar levels are great! Here and then it goes up to 150-170, but I already had that (even higher) when using insulin. So I prefer to have those values and not using insulin.

My next goal is to continue gradually lowering slow acting insulin until completely taking the insulin out of my life and achieve my dream and goal of CURING MY DIABETES.


2 Comments on A step closer to cure my diabetes

  1. judy says:

    Good luck charlie.

  2. Charlie says:

    Thanks a lot Judy!