By Charlie G ❘ 2007

Here I am again, this time with some statistics of the treatment to cure diabetes by Dr. Schnitzer, taken from his website.

In fact, the first physician to systematically use this method as standard therapy in patients both with type I and type II diabetes, as well as its subsequent consequences, was Dr. Helmut Weiss. In the “Medical Week of Baden-Baden (Medical Week Baden-Baden), an annual medical conference, reported the results obtained during the first months in 119 patients with diabetes. The following table provides an impressive perspective (clic image to enlarge):

38 diabetics cured & 77 improved

I don’t know about you, but these are the type of statistics that I would like to see in a doctor’s office. But as I said, I decided to take responsibility for my health and my life. So I follow the maxim “He who heals is right”.

And for me, these results shown above are enough to convince me that healing is possible (maybe someone will need more time than someone else, but still). The question is: why do the pharmaceutical industry and health system bury this type of information, studies, statistics …? For me the answer is obvious. But everyone should draw their own conclusions.

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    I have low level diabetes